A Strange Find (flash fiction)

A Strange Find

Audrey and Trevor were in the park one afternoon, when they came across an object in the grass. Audrey picked it up.

“It looks like some futuristic gun.” Trevor observed.

“It’s just a child’s toy.” Audrey said as she pointed it at Trevor and pressed the trigger.

“No, don’t!” Trevor screamed, but was too late as she shot a red beam directly at him. Within a minute all that was left of him was a puddle of red goo.

“Oh, my!” Audrey exclaimed. She hurriedly walked off stashing the gun into her handbag. After all, it could be useful.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This is my second go at the prompt Oh, My provided by the Carrot Ranch November 21 Story Challenge. The previous one was Oh, My published here yesterday.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher


Oh, My! (flash fiction)

Oh, My!

“I had a tire blowout.”

“Oh, my!”

“Once I got the car under control, I parked and found the spare tire was flat too.”

“Oh, my!”

“So my car was towed to the nearest garage. Once there, I discovered I had locked the car with my keys and wallet still inside.”

“Oh, my!”

“I got a taxi to get my spare keys. Once I got back, I had to pay for it all. The whole episode cost me a lot.”

“Oh, my!”

“Is that all you can say? You’re like having a conversation with a broken record.”

“Oh, my!”

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt Oh, My provided by the Carrot Ranch November 21 Story Challenge.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

Antiquarian (poem)


Life is hectic being a bibliopole
being very busy sure can take its toll
searching through dusty halls like some restless mole
to find an ancient tome left in some hole
then selling it for a fortune is my goal

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 39 + prompt

This was written with the prompt bibliopole provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #286

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

The Hunted (flash fiction)

The Hunted

“So you’re all hunters then?” The driver asked. The landscape was beginning to rise as they got closer to the castle. Soon its dark crumbling towers would be visible.

“Yep. We love hunting vampires.” One of the passengers replied. The driver brought the vehicle to a stop and turned to face them.

“You realise this is not the first van load of hunters I’ve taken up to the castle? My advice to you is that we turn around and you all go and do something else with your lives that isn’t so dangerous and likely to end in disaster.” The driver suggested.

“Well I don’t know what the other hunters were like, but I can assure you I know what I am doing. This vampire will soon be nothing but dust, mark my words.” One of the hunters replied. There was a chorus of agreement with him from the others.

“”Well okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” The driver answered as he started the van again and drove off. Above, the castle finally came into view. The driver began to smile. More prey for my master, the driver thought.

Joanne Fisher

Last night I dreamed I was writing this story, and to my surprise I remembered it once I woke up. I often dream of writing poems and stories, but I never remember what I was writing once I’m awake. The annoying thing is I was also writing another story in the dream which was meant to be better than this one, but I have no clue what that one was about…

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

The Betrayal (flash fiction)

Artwork by Luis Royo

The Betrayal

The Grond had invaded to subjugate our lands and people. We knew we couldn’t defeat them alone, but if we allied with the Olomik people, then together we would be strong enough to send the Grond back across the wide sea.

I traveled through the narrow ravine to meet the Olomik leader. We toasted our alliance with fermented yaks milk and agreed to meet on the field of battle. But when that day came, we faced the Grond alone. Though we Talchek would be defeated this day, we would carry the Olomik and their lie in our hearts forever.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt of a story that includes a lie provided by the Carrot Ranch November 14 Story Challenge.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

The Stars Below (poem)

The Stars Below

feverishly scratching
on a manuscript
all day all night

the words drumming
leaking through
your matchstick fingers
onto the blotted parchment

a spider dancing
across the page
with ink stained legs

"the stars!"

you mutter
to a shadowy room

"the stars!"

the windows shuttered
the doors firmly bolted


the stars
tell me everything
I know!"

Joanne Fisher

As I’m still recovering I thought I would share an older poem that I don’t think I’ve published here before. The title is stolen from an Ursula K. Le Guin short story. That story is about a mind that’s been turned inward, and so is this poem. This poem is also about the creative process and the intense focusing on what you’re working on to the exclusion of everything else…

I’ve been rather ill over the last few days, which is why I haven’t published anything here for a time, but I am getting better and normal service should resume shortly 🙂

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

Reckoning, part five (Day 5, 5 Word Weekly Challenge)



The Princess was in front leading the way, much to her Captain’s misgivings. When the defenders saw the size of the Princess’s army, most of the conscripted forces ran away or surrendered, while the King’s soldiers fought on, but were quickly overcome.

Once the Princess’s army took the capital there was a search for her uncle, but he seemed to have disappeared, along with all the money in the Royal Treasury. Later in the day the Princess’s knights that had been sent off the night before reappeared with her uncle as prisoner, as well as carts full of gold coins and other treasures.The Kingdom rejoiced as her uncle was deposed and the Princess was crowned Queen. The money was used to repair the roads and buildings as well as provide help for the more vulnerable members of the kingdom. A week long party celebrated the Queen’s return.

A few days later her uncle was brought before her in the throne room. He was in chains and fell down on his knees before her.

“I suppose you’re going to have me executed. It’s only fitting I guess.” He stated. The Queen coldly smiled at him.

“Though you killed my father and mother, and even tried to have me killed on multiple occasions, I am not you. I think a better place for you is in the dungeons where you can rot away thinking on what you’ve done.” She answered him. He was led away.

Not long afterwards, the new Royal Treasurer informed the Queen that by his reckoning only half the money her uncle took from the Kingdom’s populace over the years could be accounted for. The Queen sent for her uncle for an explanation, but when the dungeon doors were opened, he was no longer there. The Captain searched the room and found a hidden panel that led to a secret door. He had escaped.

“I think he was counting on you being merciful and sparing his life, he probably even worked out what dungeon room you’d put him in.” The Captain told her.

“Surely he couldn’t be that calculating.” The Queen replied.

“He knew he couldn’t win against your army and so he deliberately fled but then let himself be captured with only half the money. The only variable was what you would do, but maybe he had you figured out all along.” The Queen shook her head in disbelief and looked out the window.

“So where is he now? He must be somewhere.” She asked.

“I don’t know, but we’re looking for him.” The Captain informed her. He left her staring out the window. Her uncle was out there somewhere with a great deal of money planning his next move. She wondered what would he do next…

The End (for now)

This was written with the prompt front provided by Greg’s Five Word Weekly Challenge.

That was fun to write. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll write a sequel to this story. Thanks to Greg for all the prompts.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

Something Lost (flash fiction)

Something Lost

Amy was quickly sorting through a box of papers when she thought she heard something squeak. She pressed down, and sure enough, there was definitely something squeaky in there. She dug through the layers and pulled out the hand puppet that belonged to her daughter Stacey.

Stacey went everywhere with the hand puppet seemingly attached to her hand, squeaking all the time. Amy took it to her daughter’s room. At the doorway she breathed deeply before opening the door. Her daughter’s room was pristine, with everything neatly arranged on shelves and surfaces. Amy hadn’t been in here since the funeral.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

This was written with the prompt something squeaky provided by the Carrot Ranch November 7 Story Challenge.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

Reckoning, part four (Day 4, 5 Word Weekly Challenge)



A company of knights mounted their horses and then rode off into the night, with both the Princess and the Captain watching them leave. Besides the knights, only those two knew of their secret mission. Once they became indistinguishable dots in the darkness, the Princess and the Captain went back into the tent.

Inside the tent was a table. On it was a model of the Capital with wooden figures representing armies. The Captain was trying to work out the best strategy for the battle tomorrow, as they were only a day away now from their target.

“The scouts have informed me they are patching up the fortifications and getting ready for a siege. They’re even conscripting the townsfolk.” The Captain informed the Princess.

“He doesn’t have a standing army?” the Princess asked surprised.

“Apparently the last few years your uncle has let things slide a bit. He’s still demanding high taxes, but none of it seems to have gone into the upkeep of the roads, or fortifications, or even his army. No one seems to be sure where the money has gone. There is an army, but it’s not that well equipped.” The Captain informed her. The Princess shook her head.

“If I realised he was that incompetent, I would have invaded sooner.”

“Don’t underestimate him. Your parents underestimated him and paid for it with their lives. He may yet have some trick up his sleeve we are unaware of.” The Captain warned. The Princess nodded. “May I suggest you get some sleep your highness? Tomorrow is big day after all.” The Princess nodded again.

“Goodnight my captain.” She said. The Captain bowed. She left the tent, but instead of going directly back to her own, she decided to take a walk in the dark. She breathed in the fragrant night air. How she had missed her home. She walked through the woods for a short time, but then stopped. She listened. Just on the edge of hearing she thought she heard some soft footprints that were getting closer. She peered off into dark for a long while until she thought she saw a figure edging nearer to her. Instinctively she threw herself down and hid in a narrow trench. She heard the figure getting closer. Just then the sound of wings began getting louder. Large leathery wings beating in the night air. They got louder still. Then there was a shrill cry, and the sound of the wings getting distant again. The Princess looked up into the night sky to see one of her dragons flying away with something large in their mouth. She stood up and walked directly back to the camp. Once she got back, she saw the Captain was outside looking worried. When he saw her return he looked relieved.

“What happened?” The Captain asked.

“I decided to take a walk before I went to sleep. I think there was an assassin following me. It appears one of the dragons got him.” The Princess told him.

“You were lucky. All it takes is one mistake and this whole enterprise is for nothing.” The Captain told her. The Princess knew this.

“I think I’ll go and get some sleep now.” The Princess stated.

“I’ll send some soldiers on patrol, to make sure there aren’t any more assassins lurking about. This time I hope you go straight to sleep.” The Captain suggested. The Princess left and walked to her tent, finding it was well guarded. She drifted off to sleep thinking about what the next day would bring.

to be continued…

Joanne Fisher






This was written with the prompt trench provided by Greg’s Five Word Weekly Challenge.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher

Coffee House? (micro fiction)

Coffee House?

“Shall we get some lunch there?”

“Coffee House? What does that mean?”

“What do you think it means?”

“A house made of coffee?”

“No, it’s a place that serves coffee, among other things.”

“Oh, that makes more sense.”

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 38

This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #209.

I’ve had a busy day today and I’m feeling rather tired, so I’ll continue with part four of Reckoning tomorrow.

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Šī¸2022 Joanne Fisher