Escape (flash fiction)




“Go! Just go!” screamed Ennik.

Brynla swerved the light freighter between the two Star Destroyers and gunned the sub light engines making the ship go as fast as it could. She knew they really needed to get out of here as soon as possible. According to the ships sensors they were being followed by quite a few TIE fighters now. Already some of their laser blasts were hitting the ship no matter how well Brynla piloted. Who knew that stealing some contraband out of an Imperial facility could be so dangerous?

“I just hope there isn’t an interdictor field around here.” Brynla muttered.

“Our chances of surviving this encounter are less than 25 percent.” E-5JF informed her.

“Thanks. Like I really needed to know that!” She shot back at the droid.

“Glad to be of service.” the droid replied.

“Ennik could you just go and do something rather than just sit there with your mouth gaping open? Take control of the laser cannon. Try and take a few of those TIE fighters with us!” Brynla commanded as the freighter shook from another blast. Ennik quickly left the cockpit. Brynla sighed. Why did she have to do everything? She began to calculate the hyperspace coordinates in the ships navicomputer. She really hoped this would work. In the distance she could see at least one more Star Destroyer ahead trying to cut them off. She punched the hyperdrive. Nothing happened.

“Ok we really need to get away from this system.” Brynla said out aloud.

“According to the ship our hyperdrive is at fault. It was not an interdictor field stopping us from entering hyperspace.” E-5JF informed her.

“That’s just great.” Brynla replied sarcastically.

“Why is that great, mistress Brynla?” the droid asked her.

“I was being sarcastic.” Brynla informed the droid.

“I’m not programmed to understand sarcasm.” E-5JF replied. Brynla rolled her eyes. If she managed to get out of this the first thing she would do is buy a new droid.

“Without a hyperdrive we’re just sitting ducks.”

“Yes our chances of survival are now less than five percent.” the droid stated.

“I just really love it when you tell me these things.” Brynla replied shaking her head.

“Thank you. I enjoy doing my job.”

The ship shook again. There were a few less TIE fighters following them now, maybe Ennik was scoring a few hits. Brynla gazed into the blackness before her. If they could just get past that Star Destroyer maybe they could get far enough away so she could start fixing the hyperdrive… Her reverie was broken when she saw a new squadron of TIE fighters rapidly approaching them. Things were about to get even more tougher.


Joanne Fisher


This was written using the prompt go provided by The Dragonspire.


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The First Planting (flash fiction)


The First Planting


With Jess to help we had got the farm ready in quick time. We were already planting the first seeds in the furrowed land before us and showing the world that two girls could run this farm, and get engaged.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt furrowed from Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #90. The poem or story had to be forty words exactly.

This was  me checking in with the characters from my story Rekindling An Old Flame to see how they’re doing.

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Returning (flash fiction)




Something seemed strange when Aalen returned to her village in the heart of the forest. She had been on the borders of their land helping repel an attack from the humans. It was too quiet and Aalen couldn’t see any sentries hiding up in the trees with her sharp eyes. Then Aalen cried out dropping to her knees in despair.

In the centre of the village where there was a natural colonnade formed by a double row of trees were all the villagers hanging from them. All of them dead.

The attack on the borders had been a diversion.

Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt of colonnade from the January 17 Flash Fiction Challenge by Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch.


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Visit (poem)





this house crumbles

in my hand


& you are there


you nonchalantly

pick up the door handle

from the ground

unable to hide

the peeling dull green paint


the rust remains

of your family

in the garden


Joanne Fisher


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Broken Glass (poetry)


Broken Glass


I travel down to Dunedin

bearing two wineglasses

delicately hand-painted

looking like stained glass

but broken


& you sit cross-legged

on the bare wooden floor

trying to make something

greater than its pieces


another puzzle to sort out

like one of your jigsaws

like us


with no final pattern

discernible yet


imagine if there was someone

who could piece together

my own broken fragments –


I could be a





Joanne Fisher


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The Shadow (flash fiction)


The Shadow

Mary walked into the dark room. In the darkness there was a silhouette of a figure standing by the window.

“I can see you.” Mary said aloud.

“It’s me Mary.” the dark shape replied with a familiar voice.

“But that’s impossible! You died!”

“You wished for us to be together. So now I’m taking you with me.” It took hold of Mary and dragged her away.

Joanne Fisher

This was written with Sammi Cox’s prompt challenge to write a poem or some fiction that uses the world silhouette in 65 words.


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Eating Healthy (flash fiction)


Eating Healthy

Victoria was a vampire who was rather fussy about who she drank blood from. She preferred to target people who did plenty of exercise and ate the right foods. According to her their blood tasted better and was enriched from all the vitamins and minerals they consumed.

She began doing this after an incident when she was needing to quickly feed from someone. She grabbed the first person she found and instantly regretted it. She could taste the fat in their blood from all the cheeseburgers they ate.

That was the last time she would go for fast food.

Joanne Fisher


This was written for the January 10 flash fiction challenge by Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch to write a 99 word story using the idea of enrichment. This is the second one I’ve done…


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