Cyborg Your Future! (flash fiction)

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

Cyborg Your Future!


Lisa kept seeing the ads on her datascreen and animated on the sides of buildings with the slogan: “CYBORG YOUR FUTURE!”. At first she ignored it. It was some (presumably) hot male advertising some new cybernetic technology, but as she was a lesbian the image held no interest for her at all, and so each time she saw it she quickly put it out of her mind. Or so she thought. She kept finding herself thinking about cybernetics. It was, after all, the current fad at the moment. Everyone now seemed to be having body parts removed and replaced with cybernetic implants. She had never seriously thought about doing it herself, until these ads managed to worm their way into her subconscious.

Apparently you could hook up brain interfaces with each other so you could experience what the other person was feeling. People were now doing this during sex so they could each experience the other person’s orgasms, as well as their own. This was becoming known as having a “double-orgasm”. Lisa had been told it was quite mind blowing and not being able to experience it herself made her feel like she was missing out on something. Then there was having a robotic arm attached which gave you a lot more strength or having your eyes replaced with ones that could zoom in, take pictures, record a moment, or even see in different wavelengths.

Originally all this technology was created to help people with actual problems, such as with their sight or hearing, or with spinal injuries, but once the technology got out there, people with no real physical problems began adopting it for themselves to enhance their own bodies. Within a short time people began having perfectly working body parts lopped off for cybernetic replacements. At first doctors didn’t want to perform these sort of operations, but once it began happening in backstreet “clinics” and people began throwing around awfully huge amounts of money to have cybernetic enhancements, many “cybernetic surgeons” began appearing virtually overnight and then it all began to snowball. These days if you were young and reasonably well off you were expected to have at least a few cybernetic implants. As time wore on the implants got more sophisticated and updating them had now became a regular occurrence. Why have an eye that can zoom and record when you can get a new upgrade that can allow you to also see in twenty three different shades of purple, or any other colour for that matter?

Lisa stood outside the clinic entrance. She had booked an appointment and was now just waiting outside wondering if she really wanted to go through with this. Once she had something removed that was it, they would be unable to reattach her arm, or hand, or eye. She would be stuck with the implant. And what if she didn’t like it? This was a decision that would affect her for the rest of her life. She had to think carefully about it. She continued standing outside unable to make up her mind.



This was written for D. Wallace Peach’s May Speculative Fiction Prompt.


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Flash Fiction Challenge #4: Darkness

Velvet Dreams by Andy Hep


It’s time for the monthly Jedigirl Flash Fiction Challenge. Where I live it’s starting to get colder and the nights are getting longer. It’s making me think more about the dark and what exists there. So this month’s prompt is darkness.

Write a story, a poem, or a piece of fiction using the prompt in 100 words exactly. Please either post a link or a pingback to your work in the comments.  And please have fun with it 🙂

My attempt:




Shelley opened her eyes in the darkness. Tonight was going to be very special. It was the first night she would get to hunt on her own. She had only recently been turned, and now it was time to prove herself as a vampire.

She walked out of the crypt in anticipation for tonight’s blood feast, but almost immediately she felt a thud in her chest. She looked down and saw a wooden stake was now lodged in her heart. The last thing she saw was a young blonde woman with a determined look on her face standing before her.


Joanne Fisher


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The Road To Faerie (Crimson’s Creative Challenge #27)



The Road To Faerie


Heather wandered down the path. Though it was overgrown she was certain it was the way to Faerie. Just beyond the trees she would see it. She was sure of this.

The fairies had taken her daughter. They had left a changeling. When she had gone into her daughters room in the morning and found her daughter there lying still, she instantly saw it for what it was: a replica to fool her into thinking her daughter had died during the night. It was a good replica, but it hadn’t fooled her. The fairies had stolen her and now she was going to get her back.

When she got to the trees she thought she saw a faint glimmer in the air.


Joanne Fisher


To me this is a story about a woman going mad after finding her young daughter had died, or maybe the fairies had stolen her…


This was written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #27.


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My Life In Darkness, part 15 (fiction)



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My Life In Darkness


15. Back Home


We were driving back to Lawrence. It was late afternoon and the sun was getting lower in the sky. I wasn’t completely sure which road we were on. There was little traffic. Occasionally another car went past heading the other way. After we passed through some forest there was farmland with wooden fences lining the road. There were some cows in the distance and then there were rows and rows of corn. Black crows could occasionally be seen circling the fields above. Part of me was glad I was going to be back in my own space, but another part was sad that I was going to be away from Astrid. I hadn’t expected these mixed feelings. We came to a bridge and once over we were already in the outskirts of town.

“You must never mention to anyone that I am a vampire, or infer it. If you do you could find yourself in serious trouble, either with me or some other entity.”

“We’ve already been through this.” I reminded her.

“I know but I need to repeat it. I cannot say it enough times that you should not do this. Do we have an understanding?” She asked.

“Yes of course, but as I said before no one would believe me anyway. They would probably think I was joking or something.”

“Even if you think no one would believe you, you still must not do it.” Astrid insisted.

“Yes I understand. I won’t breathe a word to anyone about it.”

“Good.” She replied. I could feel a wistfulness unexpectedly welling up inside me as we got nearer to my place. We came to a stop outside the house I lived in. “Secondly, do you have a spare key to your apartment?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“Can I have it please?” she asked. I was surprised by her question.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit soon?” I asked. We had only been dating a few days.

“No. I have shared secrets with you. I have fed on your blood and you have my blood in you. In my world you’re mine now, so I wish to have access to you whenever I require it.” I opened my mouth in surprise and shock. I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m yours?” I mouthed out eventually.

“Yes you’re mine.” She stated. “I can enter your house other ways, but a key would be more convenient.” My mind was whirling. I felt incredulous.

“What if I refuse?”

“Then I will make you give it to me. I would rather not do this as it would be preferable if you hand me the key voluntarily. I don’t want this to be an issue.”

“But it is an issue. What you’re implying is that I no longer have control over my own life!” I exclaimed.

“No one really has control over their own life Melissa. You need to understand that. There are layers of authority that control you and all the decisions that you make, you just fail to see that.” She said in a matter of fact voice. “Just be aware that I care about you and me having access to you whenever I need it, is more for your protection and safety. Whatever happens, I will be leaving with it and I would rather not force you to give it to me, but I will not ask you again.” There was a coldness in her voice I hadn’t encountered before.

I audibly sighed and reached into my bag. I took out my keys and threaded the spare key off the key chain. I put the key into Astrid’s waiting hand.

“There.” I said slightly annoyed.

“Thank you.” She replied as she closed her hand around it. I felt my life was slipping away from me, out of my control.

“I’m totally your bitch now.” I stated bitterly.

“I wouldn’t put it that way. Even if it is true.” She said seemingly unconcerned with the tone of my voice.

She opened the car door and got out. I did the same and followed her as she walked towards the house. We climbed the stairs and I unlocked the door to my apartment. A reassuring familiar smell greeted me as I entered. It was nice to be home, so much had happened since I had left here on Friday morning, it felt like a long time. The world was a very different place now. I went to the living room and collapsed onto the couch Astrid followed me.

“I thought I would stay the night here, if that’s alright with you.” She said. I shrugged my shoulders. I felt defeated.

‘Does it matter if it’s alright with me? You’d probably just stay anyway, even if I didn’t want you to.” Astrid stood in front of me and looked into my eyes.

“Don’t be like that. If you don’t want me to be here tonight then I’ll go.” She said softly. “I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, but you need to see things the way they are.”

“You don’t love me. You just want to control me!” I screamed at her. Tears were starting to fall down my cheeks. Astrid maintained her composure and just stood there and looked at me in her expressionless manner.

I  began to sob uncontrollably. The sudden huge amount of pain and hurt that burst through me seemed like an unending river. I wasn’t totally sure what I was sobbing about: my loss of independence, the fact that my girlfriend was a vampire, the death of both my parents, my ex dumping me for no reason, the feeling I was alone in the world. It seemed a growing list. I continued wailing over the hurt and confusion and grief I had felt over the last few years of my life.

“I know you find it hard to believe, but I do love you. All I am doing is trying to keep you safe. I wish you could see that Melissa.” She said calmly.

I buried my face into my hands and fell back against the couch which I then slid down until I was on the floor sobbing my eyes out. She began to hold on to me, though I kept trying to fight her off, but she was too persistent and eventually her arms were locked around me and my head was resting on her chest. My sobbing gradually subsided as she cradled me in her arms and gently rocked me into calm. We were both on the floor entangled together. She moved me back on to the couch and we sat there in each other’s arms. I felt exhausted and drained.

Astrid ordered some pizza and once it arrived I tried to eat some but I wasn’t really hungry. We spent the evening watching Blade Runner together spooning on the couch. I wasn’t sure if Astrid was that interested in it. She kept kissing me on the face and eventually just began nuzzling me on the neck. I wondered if I was about to feel sharp teeth puncturing my skin, but she never went that far. Once the movie finished she gave me another back massage, frequently commenting on how tense my shoulders and neck were. After that I put the leftover pizza in the fridge and got ready for bed, I had work in the morning after all.

I wandered to the bathroom. I felt like I was dazed or walking around in a dream. When I looked in the mirror I was surprised to see how puffy my eyes were and how blotchy my skin was. After I brushed my teeth I shuffled to my bedroom. I stripped off with Astrid watching me in fascination as she sat on my bed. I turned off the light and got under the covers with her.

She sidled up to me in bed and the next thing I knew she was on top of me. She began kissing my breasts and softly biting my nipples then she continued kissing me as she went further down. She spread my legs and her tongue licked me out until I was brought to orgasm. I felt like I was going to explode. I lay there gasping for air. Eventually my breathing calmed down and Astrid came back up. I lay on my side and Astrid had her arms wrapped around me. I felt myself begin to fall into sleep.

“I want to feed on you.” She declared. “Only a small amount. I haven’t fed since this morning.”

“Okay.” I assented, though I felt apprehensive about it.

“I can make you fall asleep so you don’t feel anything.” She offered.

“No I want to know what it feels like.” I insisted.

“Very well.”

She began to kiss my neck again. Her mouth moved to almost the back of my neck and as she kissed I could feel her fangs were out brushing against my skin. And then it happened: a sudden severe pain in my neck like two large white hot needles puncturing my skin and then the disconcerting sounds of Astrid slurping and then swallowing my blood. It was more painful than I expected. It was like a continual stabbing pain and I began to squirm. She stopped feeding.

“This won’t take long,” she said “So just try to endure the pain a little while longer. I’m not used to someone squirming as I feed.”

“Alright.” I replied.

She resumed feeding and I did my best to remain still no matter how much it hurt, all the while listening to her swallowing my blood. Eventually she finished and licked the area softly with her tongue. She moved over the other side of me and put her arms around me so we were spooning again.

“Goodnight” she said. I began to feel sleep take me despite the throbbing pain in my neck.


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Hard Truth (flash fiction)



Hard Truth


“What star sign are you?” She asked.

“I’m Octo the Octopus with it’s Eight Slithering Tentacles.” I replied. She looked at me quizzically.

“There’s no Octo the Octopus in the Zodiac.” She informed me. “It’s not real.”

“None of them are real.” I said.


Joanne Fisher


Word count 43 + prompt


This was written with the prompt zodiac provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend writing Prompt #106.


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Portents (flash fiction)




Aalen was suspended above the Bloodwood, the most ancient and sacred tree in their forest. The tree was part of their spring rites when they celebrated the fertility of their people and the forest. As she hung there she noticed there was huge crack in the Bloodwood that went down the entire tree, as if it was ready to split open.

Aalen awoke with a start. She could hear Ashalla softly breathing beside her. Vilja was curled up beside the glowing embers. Bleary-eyed she got up realising they hadn’t set a watch. In the dark she pondered the dream.


Joanne Fisher


Aalen’s Story: previous episode


This was written with the prompt tree provided by the Carrot Ranch May 16 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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My DNA Test Results and Other Stuff


The only actual Christmas present I got was a DNA kit from my brother. I had to spit into a receptacle (which I found revolting by the way) and then sent it off for testing. Unfortunately they couldn’t extract any DNA from the sample I sent (which I thought was interesting) so they sent me another one and I had to do it all over again. Yesterday I finally saw the results and found it quite surprising:



What was interesting was my brother’s had around 17% Italian and 3% Spanish, and those are totally missing from my results. My mother’s side has Italian ancestry which it seems I have no DNA from. We don’t know where the Spanish comes from either. I have more Irish DNA than my brother (he had 21%). The best my brother and myself can speculate is that I have more DNA from my father’s side (Fisher-Stedman) and my brother and, presumably my sister, have more DNA from my mother’s side (Shortridge-Esposito) as they have the same sort of body shape and look. Ancestry makes it clear that Sam and I are definitely siblings, but our DNA is surprisingly different. At least my brother’s has a wider geographical spread; all my DNA comes from a small(ish) circle. I find it all very fascinating.




And I’m 5% Viking!


Other news:

*I found on a book publishers website that they have a Friday pitch, which means you can send them a first chapter and synopsis of your book and the in-house editors will take a look at it. I’m thinking about sending them a submission to see what they say. They don’t want any fantasy or science fiction at the moment (and presumably this covers horror too) but I thought if I sent them the first chapter of my vampire novel and state it’s a novel about a lesbian relationship with supernatural elements, that might help get my foot in the door perhaps. Something to think on.

*I approached a New Zealand poetry publisher about putting together another collection of poetry and he sent a me back an email saying that while he wasn’t into publishing that much at the moment he asked me to send him five poems to look at. So now I have to decide which ones I send him…

*I also sent a submission of poems to a journal for the first time in ages a month ago. I actually prefer to publish stuff here as I get more responses to it than I ever did in publications. The trouble with sending stuff to journals, from my perspective, is that you wait a long time to get a response, and if your work is accepted then you wait another long time for it to appear in the publication, and once it appears, then that’s it. In my experience you get little to no feedback once it’s published, and I always found that unsatisfying.


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