The High Castle (poem)

Desert Sunset by Dasha444

This is one of my apocalyptic ones –  a retelling of the the Fisher-King myth. The poem’s narrator has gone slightly crazy…

the high castle


the world is silent now


there was once something singing

in the branches of the dead tree

in the dark


it had a name


there were names for everything

i cannot remember them anymore


the older i get the less sure i am of anything

all i see is my world falling into darkness


stomping around the empty halls

with a festering wound that will not heal


i wish i could die



i wish i could die




the world has seen

alpha & omega


life still clings to this rock

let go


let go let go let go let go let go let go

before it all


happens again




long ago there was a vision –


a golden chalice

healing all the old wounds

of the broken earth


i do not know if it was meant for me


some days i painfully sit outside

by the river choked with dry weeds

watching a fading sun slowly threading

across the horizon


the trees scratching the dead sky

with bony fingers


hoping to see

a stranger

holding aloft

the golden cup


until then, i wait




the vortex

face the fury

& burn


Joanne Fisher



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