The Direction of the Road (poem)

Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

As it is Valentine’s Day I thought I would share a love poem, not that I have that many love poems that I’ve written left to post here. This poem does have the word love in it, so it counts in my reckoning. The title of this poem is stolen from an Ursula K. Le Guin short story, and it is not the only poem I’ve done this with.


The Direction of the Road

(for Steph)


we are following the road

not exactly knowing

where it is leading us …



to black tunnels rolling into

the strata of the earths crust or


to weaving black hawks

tearing up the blue sky


the wind tousling your

marram grass hair


now you are drumming

your bone fingers

on a red formica table

nervous energy

you say

as thin clear light

dances through the café

we discuss a thing

called love & other



perhaps we are lost


in these deep sea-green



lost like poems


unable to rise

out of sleep


Joanne Fisher





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