Telemachus Schemes

This is the second part of my Odyssey retelling The Return. Part one Penelope Waits is here.

Telemachus and Mentor


Telemachus Schemes


I planned to go & find him

in my dreams a goddess

with long dark hair &

ivory skin faintly whispered

that he would return


I traveled but found

no word of him, just assurances

so I pace the walls of our palace

while fat old men

drink our wine

eat our food

lounge around

planning to covet my mother

in my father’s house


they pay no attention to me

I wander unnoticed

& unchecked


my mother hides behind walls

picking & unpicking at embroidery

there is nothing to do

but wait


my father left me for the wars

I was too young to join

now that I’m older

my mother seems unsure

of my intentions


every day I look

to the fathomless sea hoping

to see my father’s ship

negotiating the waves


one day I will find him

my time will come


Joanne Fisher


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