Calypso Sings

This is part three of my Odyssey retelling The Return.

Part one: Penelope Waits is here.

Part two: Telemachus Schemes is here.



Calypso Sings


It is surprising what a storm

throws up on the shore –

today walking along

the alabaster sands

after a tumultuous night

I found a man


he was bedraggled

partially clothed in seaweed

& rags, his skin tanned &

muscles on his sinewy arms

like knotted rope


I thought him dead

but as I watched

he coughed up seawater

so I got to my knees

& softly sang

to arouse him


he awoke in despair

he had lost everything –

his men, his ship,

his way home


I led him to my house

plying him with wine, goats cheese,

& grapes, while singing

to calm him


slowly I fell in love

with the scars on his back,

his long sea-bleached hair,

his moods, & his occasional



he explored the hidden caves

of my island, the forests

& secret waterfalls

I wanted him to forget

his family

his own people


I kept him here for seven years

& took him for my lover

I wanted him to love me

but his heart was already taken


the other gods

wanted me to throw him back

to the ocean

& he was restless

pining for his wife


he would sit on the beach for hours

watching the waves

slowly sobbing & staring

in the direction of his home

I knew I was no longer part

of his story

so I let him go


he will go back to his wife

& I will be left here

looking out to the sea

watching over him

as he sails away

hoping my charms

will keep him safe

on the ocean paths


he will return to his island

& win back his lost kingdom


I will be left here

on my own again

singing softly to myself


Joanne Fisher


Calypso by camibee (Camille Rapay)



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