I Remember South Brighton (Poem)



I Remember South Brighton*


& we built a bonfire

on the sand dunes

between the suburbs

& the sea


& you were on the opposite

side of the flames frustrated

about a woman


& all I could hear was

the driftwood crackling

in the fire & the waves

cutting into the land

the cold air fingering

our backs biting

our necks


& to my left

the houses against the sea front

were toy models sitting

in a dark room


& the sky was a black

smothering blanket

with threads of light


& the keg wasn’t dry

so we continued the party

drinking the dregs

washed up on the shore


& we were hoping

things would get better now

we were starting university


& we stayed there

till the dawn


Joanne Fisher


*South Brighton is a suburb in Christchurch.



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