True Story (poem)



True Story


the first time

you meet her

you’re captivated –

caught in the orbit

of a brilliant new sun


she is stuck in your thoughts

you hope you’re in hers


every time you meet

you seem full of electricity

you just want to be there

reflecting her radiance…


then one day she is gone

& you are lost


in the sub-light hours

waking from strange dreams

you imagine she is there

her arms wrapped around –

a layer to protect you from the world


but she is not there

she will never be there

her eyes now cold

as a starless void


you hope she will text, call,

or something

your happiness slowly falls



you will survive this… barely

you will cry, you will fall apart

& yet she is always there


you wake up alone

hoping you can let her go.



Joanne Fisher



This poem was something I had to write to help get it out of my system. I haven’t really been in the mood to continue writing the story I’m working on or various articles I have planned, hence all the poetry at the moment. They’re all there worked out in my head, but at the moment I’m just chilling doing other things. I recently gave up smoking as I could no longer afford it and it was cutting into my food budget which meant I was going hungry a lot of the time and I think this is affecting my ability to sit down and write for long periods. Once all the nicotine cravings are gone I’m sure I’ll be writing long screeds of text again… šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “True Story (poem)

  1. Hey Joanne – thanks for visiting my site – just wanted to say it’s great that you gave up smoking- I quit in 2010 after smoking more than 20 years – difficult at first but once it is out of your system you will feel better than you ever did and maybe add another 50 years to your life- keep up the great writing!

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