A Last Jedi remake?


Another short blog to make me feel like I’m actually doing something…

When the Last Jedi came out late last year there was a backlash from some of the fanbase. Some didn’t like how Luke Skywalker was portrayed, or how Supreme Leader Snoke was killed, while others whinged that the film was dominated by women and fans obviously on the right started accusing the film of having an SJW agenda (that’s Social Justice Warrior which is how they describe people who are basically to the left of them). I loved it, but I always seem to be out of step with many Star Wars fans it seems, as I hadn’t really enjoyed The Force Awakens that much and I loved the Prequels. For anyone who wants to read my thoughts on The Last Jedi you can read my article here.

Some fans were so disappointed by the film that one started a petition to get Lucasfilm to do a remake of it, or at least not count it as canon. Obviously the “fans” would let Lucasfilm know what they wanted to see, if they could agree on a coherent storyline that is, and get Lucasfilm to do a new Star Wars Episode VIII to their liking. Good luck to Lucasfilm actually being able to achieve this… Of course this was never going to happen and the person who started the petition later admitted he wasn’t very well when he saw The Last Jedi and he came to regret the petition he had started.


Over six months have passed since the film came out. Several things have occurred, and some of them ugly. Star Wars groups on social media have been ripping themselves apart with disagreement, Kelly Marie Tran who played the character Rose Tico had to close down her Instagram account due to the hate she was getting from these fans (Daisy Ridley who plays Rey ended up doing this the year before), and Solo: A Star Wars Story has come out and not performed as well as Disney was expecting. Solo’s lackluster run (even though in reality it’s done okay) has had ramifications. Apparently all the future Star Wars stories, like Kenobi, have been shelved for the foreseeable future. However this could still just be rumour. The Star Wars fans who did not like The Last Jedi have now unleashed their anger onto Kathleen Kennedy, the head of Lucasfilm, blaming her for everything they don’t like about the new films. With all this hate and anger coming from them you sort of wonder if they’ve somehow completely missed the message of the Star Wars saga. This hate and anger is nothing new of course. George Lucas encountered the same thing when he made the Prequels and in the end he walked away from Star Wars and sold Lucasfilm to Disney. And now Disney is holding this poisoned chalice. It makes you wonder what they might end up doing with it.


Just in the last week it’s been announced by some Star Wars fans that they are raising money to do a fan made remake of The Last Jedi. One wonders what it will be like. Will it have a two dimensional Luke Skywalker coming back out of hiding taking on both Snoke and Kylo Ren with his lightsaber? Will the Resistance now be completely run by men? Will Han Solo come back from the dead? Who knows? If they manage to get this film made I doubt I would care to see it.

I just thought for a laugh people should come up with ideas in this comments section of what they should have in the remake of The Last Jedi. What would you like to see happen?



5 thoughts on “A Last Jedi remake?

  1. Only beef I really had with Last Jedi was that there was nothing to gain from Vice Admiral Holdo withholding (wonder now if that was an intentional pun) the plan from everyone on board…she didn’t even say, “This is all part of Leigha’s plan… everyone just calm down…”
    I think her behavior was used to force the idea that maybe she was either stupid or a villain, and also to justify having Poe getting put in his place with a “going rogue isn’t always the right move”…
    I like that I didn’t call that all from a mile away, but at the same time, it was built on a plot device of informational omission that, when looking back, didn’t really make sense…
    Aside from that…I like it the way it is…

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  2. No remake required. I can’t imagine how it could have gone differently. If we’re removing things from cannon I’d like Padme Amidala’s death to have been due to loosing a fight with Anakin and having used the last of her strength to birth her babies. That she died ‘of a broken heart’ was a disservice to her warrior queen diplomat character. Still certain that Anakin ‘accidently’ used the force on her to make her more susceptible to him. Anakin as written in the movies was not as compelling as Anakin from The Clones Wars series.

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  3. The Last Jedi was just a remake of Star Wars Episode Four. They tweaked race and gender but pretty much kept the characters as in the first movie. I actually DO think fans could come up with something more inventive…


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