If I Was Closer… (poem)

Sumner Beach


If I was Closer…


I’m waiting for the bus

& you are trying to

start a conversation

you offer an apple

saying two months ago

it would have been handpicked

but this one is from Countdown*

I’m too full of poetry

to eat it now

you begin telling me

about Sumner & though

I know it well, I sit

& listen

you say it has houses

built on odd angles

of hills & terraces

& you can wrap up warm

visit the café by the beach

or walk along the sand &

of course there is the ocean

& the rocks

I live in the smog

near the Port Hills,

though I would love

to be near the sea

I would get lost

amongst the sand, seashells

& driftwood, rocks &

frothing waves

never able to return

to dry land



Joanne Fisher


*Countdown is a chain of supermarkets here in New Zealand.


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