Writing and Visiting the Dentist

Due to my computer deciding to freeze at an inopportune moment I am doing this post on my phone. Which is a first ever for this blog.

This week I was determined to work on Durn part 14, but it’s not been the best week for me. I’m hoping this weekend, if the rest of the world leaves me alone that is, I should have time to write it.

I recently found that the reason why one of my teeth was being ultra sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks was that there was a large hole right up by one of the roots. Due to it being very hard to get to the dentist insisted that it had to be removed. Not something I was thrilled about hearing. I didn’t mind losing my wisdom teeth, but I’d rather not lose a molar.

Today I went back to the dentist to have the tooth removed. It took a while. The dentist tried loosening it and then pull it out with pliers, but the tooth just wouldn’t come out. The process was repeated several times and often with a lot of force. I admired my tooth’s refusal to be parted from the rest of my body. I was proud of it’s stubbornness. Don’t give up without a fight tooth! But after a seemingly long time of near violent pulling and shaking from the dentist with his pliers something eventually had to give and so my tooth capitulated and came out of it’s socket.

The dentist showed me the molar and how one side of it had rotted quite badly. I wish I thought about a taking a picture of it, I could of shared it with the rest of you. I had to admit it did look pretty disgusting. And now I am at home on painkillers with an empty socket which is oozing blood occasionally. At least it already seems to be healing quite well.

I hope you don’t mind these slice of life rambles by the way…

I thought I would leave you with Neil Gaiman’s advice for writers. Neil Gaiman is an author I greatly admire and he is someone I would love to meet one day.

Look for Durn part 14 in a couple of days 🙂


6 thoughts on “Writing and Visiting the Dentist

  1. The dentist always freaked me out but I finally found a good one that I feel comfortable with which is everything. He also makes sure I’m numbed up good for whenever I needed work done. My back molar cracked a few years back and there was never any pain so my dumb teenage self never got it checked out till in my mid twenties it gave me hell. Got it all straightened out though and got over my fear of the dentist too, thank God! Feel better Joanne!

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      1. Yeah finding one you’re comfortable with is always key, my guy is fantastic…if you lived anywhere in the Jersey Shore area I’d recommend him to you. I’d recommend reading reviews on local dentists in your area, I found mine that way because so many people who claimed to be terrified by the dentist chair highly recommended him. I’m super glad I gave him a shot because he had me at he and his fiancé love Taco Bell too which was a great ice breaker!

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