The Inquisitor, part one (fiction)

This is where my blog devolves to fan fiction…

The Inquisitor, part one.

The three Star Destroyers came out of hyperspace. Two of them were Victory-class while the command ship was the larger Imperial-class, the Resolve. Before the small fleet was a mostly green medium-sized planet, known as Kangen.

Taran looked out at the planet from the bridge of the Resolve. It was a beautiful looking world reminding her of her own homeworld that lay on the other side of the galaxy. She sighed thinking of the test she was about to face. This was her first assignment as an Imperial Inquisitor. The Emperor had great faith in her, but this was to test her. She didn’t want to disappoint him. She wanted to be a good and faithful servant. His teachings had filled the gaping hole in her.

“According to our sources the Jedi you are hunting was last seen on this planet.” Captain Brynlar informed her. She nodded.

“Thank you Captain.” She acknowledged. “What else do we know about this planet?”

“Well according to intercepted transmissions there seems to be a small rebel base operating from here. The base is probably giving refuge to the fugitive Jedi.” The Captain informed her. She noticed when he said “Jedi” there was a slight sound of disgust in his voice. She had been trained to notice these things.

“What else is on this planet?” She asked looking out into the black void through the bridge windows.

“There are a few cities, though this planet has only grudgingly helped the Empire. Their sympathies might be more with the Rebellion, which is probably why they’ve allowed a Rebel Base to operate there.” Taran nodded again at his words.

“And for that they will pay dearly. Tell the Captain’s of the other Star Destroyers to start orbital bombardment immediately.” She ordered.

“Even the cities?” He asked with a look of distaste.

“Yes even the cities. They have allowed both the Jedi and the Rebels to be on their planet. They are all guilty of treason.” Taran confirmed. The Captain briefly bowed his head and resumed his duties. “And ready my shuttle!”

Taran looked out at the planet again to see the two Victory-class Star Destroyers position themselves above the planet’s atmosphere. Without warning concussion missiles launched from both of them falling onto the surface below in a continuous stream. Violent explosions covered the surface of the planet. It was glorious.

Taran reached out with the Force. She could feel the waves of terror coming from the planet’s terrified inhabitants, but that wasn’t what she was searching for. She continued reaching out in her mind, searching… until she found it. There was another force user on the planet and she felt them. She knew exactly where they were. She spun round.

“I have found the Jedi. I require a squad of stormtroopers to come with me.” She told the Captain.

“Shall we cease bombardment?” He asked. She looked at him like he was a fool.

“No. Continue with it until I give the order.” She then left the bridge with her black cloak billowing behind her.

Brynlar nodded and watched her leave. He was glad she was leaving the Resolve. He hated the Jedi, but he hated the Sith and their followers even more.

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