Alarm (micro fiction)

This story is due to a prompt from sammicoxwriter to write a story or poem using the word arrow in exactly 135 words.


Captain Wilya Stevens increased the speed of her sleek arrow-shaped starship. She had just received a request for help from a beacon in the very star system she had been exploring.

Since she feared she would arrive too late to be able to help in any way she opened up the advanced Time Control settings, which were only to be used in an emergency, so she could arrive just before the beacon was activated. She set the time and coordinates and pushed the button.

When she arrived at the exact spot the beacon had been activated from, nothing seemed to be there. As she looked about an unseen asteroid collided with her ship causing it to spin out of control hurtling towards another asteroid.

Panicked, the last thing she did was activate her emergency beacon…

Joanne Fisher

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2 thoughts on “Alarm (micro fiction)

  1. I don’t usually like time travel storylines but I liked the idea she was responding to her own beacon. When I respond to story prompts I usually come up with a basic idea very quickly and then just write it. Sometimes I get surprised by the results.

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