One Year On…

Originally I wanted to post this on November the Fourth, as that was the anniversary from when I posted my first article, but due to internet issues I haven’t been online for almost a week now. I’ll mention more about this at the end of the article…

I read once that 95% of blogs fail in their first year. I don’t know how accurate this figure actually is or how they got this number, but from this it is clear that a lot of blogs fail early on. It is now over a year ago that my first post, an article on the game Life Is Strange, was published here, so I do think I have cause to celebrate.

I’ve always had a strong interest in statistics (which is also why I’ve always loved cricket), but I won’t bore you with details of various statistical aspects of my blog as I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, however I will mention two things:

1. I now have 167 followers. I’m quite happy with this number. I know some other blogs that have been around for a similar time that have far more followers, but I refuse to have blog envy πŸ˜‰

2. In the last year I have done 131 posts (this being post 132). So that’s a post around every 2.8 days. I know some people post every day, or several times every day, but there is no way I could keep that level of activity up without burning out, so I’m happy with the amount of posting I’m doing.

Thanks to everyone who follows this blog and to those who have read, liked, or commented on my posts. I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

Over the past year this blog has changed from articles and poetry to mostly fiction now. I was planning to provide some links of some of my favourite posts but as I’m doing these posts on my phone now I’m finding it a bit awkward to do a lot of links, so I’ll leave that for another time.

The WiFi is still out where I live, but luckily I won $25 on a scratchie which allowed me to top up my phone. It was nice to have something good happen to me for a change, given latest events. Topping up my phone has allowed me to access the internet again, but I need to conserve the data I have. Once WiFi is back here I will catch up on everyone else’s posts. I’ve really missed reading them.

If you’re interested in helping me, especially if you want to see further installments of the Sky-pirates of Durn, please consider contributing to the link below. If I can raise a couple of hundred dollars then I can use that as a deposit for a new laptop, which I sorely need at the moment. The link:

Please support this blog! πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “One Year On…

  1. Congratulations.

    Yeah, I’ve read something like that as well. Maintaining a blog is more challenging than most realize after all. People underestimate the time and dedication blogging demands until they started a blog themselves…

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