Graffiti (micro fiction)


“If you want to be included in things maybe you shouldn’t be so obviously lesbian!” taunted Bill.

Teri tried to pay him no attention as she spray painted the wall in front of her. She felt angry and hurt and disappointed. She was always left out of things. Maybe it was because she was gay, but she wasn’t going to change so she could fit in. If she had do face things alone then so be it. She would continue to be herself.

She surveyed her finished graffiti: a big red hand flipping off the rest of the world.

Joanne Fisher

The word prompt was graffiti and had to be 99 words, no more, no less.

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16 thoughts on “Graffiti (micro fiction)

    1. I’ve been feeling a bit angry the last couple of days so there was a bit anger in it when I wrote it. I’ve had a Tumblr account for over four years and their recent changes of no “adult material” anymore has actually hit the LGBTQ community hard as it was a place of refuge where we could post what we wanted. I found a lot of the pics I posted being flagged and a lot of them were just lesbian couples kissing and hugging, or holding hands. These bans seem to always unfairly hit the queer community compared to the heterosexual community which tend to get away with a lot more. So feeling a bit angry and sad for what has been lost… Sorry I didn’t mean to go on so much…

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      1. The entire site feels dead now compared to what it used to be. An alternative Tumblr is being set up. I think everyone’s waiting to see if that happens. If it does there will mass exodus I suspect.

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  1. While the last line made me cheer the protagonist, I also felt the weight of her emotion at being left out and singled out. This is where literary art has the power to let readers feel what it’s like in the skin of another. Good writing!

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  2. She shows strength of character by not trying to fit in but your writing shows the hurt and anger that underlies that stance. Whether it be gay or religous or racial reasonings there are many marginalised groups that feel just this way and as Charli said – perhaps the literary art will let others know how it feels to be one of those marginalised people and little by little change will be effected.

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