Escape (flash fiction)




“Go! Just go!” screamed Ennik.

Brynla swerved the light freighter between the two Star Destroyers and gunned the sub light engines making the ship go as fast as it could. She knew they really needed to get out of here as soon as possible. According to the ships sensors they were being followed by quite a few TIE fighters now. Already some of their laser blasts were hitting the ship no matter how well Brynla piloted. Who knew that stealing some contraband out of an Imperial facility could be so dangerous?

“I just hope there isn’t an interdictor field around here.” Brynla muttered.

“Our chances of surviving this encounter are less than 25 percent.” E-5JF informed her.

“Thanks. Like I really needed to know that!” She shot back at the droid.

“Glad to be of service.” the droid replied.

“Ennik could you just go and do something rather than just sit there with your mouth gaping open? Take control of the laser cannon. Try and take a few of those TIE fighters with us!” Brynla commanded as the freighter shook from another blast. Ennik quickly left the cockpit. Brynla sighed. Why did she have to do everything? She began to calculate the hyperspace coordinates in the ships navicomputer. She really hoped this would work. In the distance she could see at least one more Star Destroyer ahead trying to cut them off. She punched the hyperdrive. Nothing happened.

“Ok we really need to get away from this system.” Brynla said out aloud.

“According to the ship our hyperdrive is at fault. It was not an interdictor field stopping us from entering hyperspace.” E-5JF informed her.

“That’s just great.” Brynla replied sarcastically.

“Why is that great, mistress Brynla?” the droid asked her.

“I was being sarcastic.” Brynla informed the droid.

“I’m not programmed to understand sarcasm.” E-5JF replied. Brynla rolled her eyes. If she managed to get out of this the first thing she would do is buy a new droid.

“Without a hyperdrive we’re just sitting ducks.”

“Yes our chances of survival are now less than five percent.” the droid stated.

“I just really love it when you tell me these things.” Brynla replied shaking her head.

“Thank you. I enjoy doing my job.”

The ship shook again. There were a few less TIE fighters following them now, maybe Ennik was scoring a few hits. Brynla gazed into the blackness before her. If they could just get past that Star Destroyer maybe they could get far enough away so she could start fixing the hyperdrive… Her reverie was broken when she saw a new squadron of TIE fighters rapidly approaching them. Things were about to get even more tougher.


Joanne Fisher


This was written using the prompt go provided by The Dragonspire.


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