Abandoned (flash fiction)





What was his car doing here? The man stood in front of the car feeling confused. The last thing he remembered he had been driving it down a road. And now it was here. In the middle of nowhere. He was sure he was driving it only a few moments ago but his car looked like it had been here for a while. The engine had gone, the windows too. It looked old and forgotten. What had happened? He tried to think about his last few days, but there was nothing. Nothing at all.

He didn’t know were he was.


Joanne Fisher

Word count: 100 words.

This was written for a picture prompt provided by Dale. Photograph provided by Ted Strutz.


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29 thoughts on “Abandoned (flash fiction)

  1. 1.May be kren abducted him for some purpose and then left him there after erasing his memory.

    2. May be he is a man possessed by a ghost

    Or may be
    3. He is misleading the police by feigning memory loss.


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