Medea Confesses (poem)

Jason and Medea by John William Waterhouse (detail)

Medea Confesses


you say I’m evil

what else could I be?


you callously tore me out

of your life & made me the villain


no longer talking to me

but blaming me for the silence

choosing another to love

but expecting me to be there

spreading untruths to everyone

but not caring I would hear


you think I hated you or was angry

but I loved you too much

I was always so naked around you

like you could see through my skin

& see how rotten my heart was



all I hope for is that one day

you feel the pain I was in

I want to hurt you

like you hurt me


maybe I am evil but you

are not blameless in this

everything I have done is

because of your treachery

you should never

anger a sorceress


I killed & dismembered

my own brother

creating a diversion

for our escape from Colchis


don’t think I wouldn’t do the same to you



Joanne Fisher


I’ve always been intrigued by the figure of Medea in Greek myth. Most accounts tend to show her doing terrible things but women in Ancient Greece never tended to fare well, especially in mythological stories. You could say that she is an archetype of the creative/destructive and of female revolt.


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