Sea Mist (flash fiction)



Sea Mist


Whenever the sea-mist came in the villagers knew to go inside their homes, lock their doors and ignore all sounds.

One afternoon Lilith had been away picking apples from the nearby orchard. When she returned she saw the sea-mist rolling in. In a panic she dropped the apples and ran to her house. She got to her door but couldn’t find her keys. Tendrils of mist were already snaking around her and she felt the chill. She started to frantically knock on the door when she suddenly felt the chill go through her. The other villagers heard her screams.

Joanne Fisher

Word count: 99

*Sigh*… one of these days I would like to do a directors cut of some of my flash fiction. There’s so much stuff I have to cut out. Though maybe less is more.

This is my second flash fiction for the prompt sea mist provided by the Carrot Ranch January 31 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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