The Black Arrow (flash fiction)



The Black Arrow


Aalen found herself in a thicket. Coming into a clearing she found two dead bodies before her. Both human soldiers dressed in similar garb to the ones she killed on the borders of her land. Probably scouts of some kind. One had an arrow through his throat, while the other had one through the right eye. Pinpoint accuracy. Both arrows were painted black. She was unaware of anyone who did this. The fact that someone else was also hunting the soldiers Aalen took as a sign she was doing the right thing. Somewhere out there she had an ally.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt of using a sign in some way provided by the Carrot Ranch February 7 Flash Fiction Challenge.

Aalen’s journey can be followed here: 1. Hidden 2. Returning 3. Burying the Dead 4. The Shoreline


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21 thoughts on “The Black Arrow (flash fiction)

    1. It’s fun to work out the twists on her story using the prompt. I have a general idea where the story is going, but the prompts could make it go in a different way. It’s been quite interesting to write so far.


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