Final Report (flash fiction)

Hoth Snow Fields by Merrena


Final Report


“This is Chief Science Officer Rebecca Smythe. When we landed on this planet all we found was an abundance of snow and ice. When one of our team disappeared under the snow before our eyes we thought there may be a natural predator, until we realised the snow itself was the predator when we observed snow mounds following us and attempting to smother us. We are now hiding in the lander and power is failing. We are completely buried in snow and can hear it trying break through the walls on all sides. It’s only a matter of time.”

Joanne Fisher

This was written using the prompt of “buried in the snow” provided by the Carrot Ranch Intermittent Challenge.

I hope everyone in North America is keeping warm!


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17 thoughts on “Final Report (flash fiction)

    1. I’m having a lot of issues with this post. When I posted it turned up on my reader eight hours before I posted it. I ended up putting a link to it but people were liking that instead of the actual post. So I went to the post options and changed the time it was posted and now it’s completely disappeared from my reader. Sorry to go on about this but I’ve found the issues I’m having with this post have been really upsetting and I don’t know what to do.

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      1. When this happens to me, I usually just shrug and hope for the best… WP can be a terrible bugger sometimes, but I used to spend so much time fretting about getting cheated and not enough time writing. The people who care usually show up regardless of a major blip, and that in itself comforts me.

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  1. I love this post! It’s one of my favorites! And every once in a while I’ve had similar troubles with the post times, check it tomorrow and it should settle down. It just sometimes glitches when you schedule them, I think it has something to do with their new setup, which I don’t like.

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