Sirens (poem)

Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert James Draper




at night

when the

waves have

lulled me

asleep I

hear your

sweet voice

singing to

me giving

hope in

the darkness

luring me

ashore to

my doom


Joanne Fisher


On a side note, a couple of posts ago I achieved the milestone of 200 posts on this blog. Feeling a bit bored this afternoon I broke my first 200 posts down into categories:

Poems 65

Flash fiction 51

Articles 39

Serialised Fiction 25

Fiction 13

Recipes 4

Other 3

Poems include haiku, haibun, and sequences. Flash fiction includes all fiction I have written with the aid of prompts and can vary from 15 to 1000 words. Serialised fiction includes Durn, The Inquisitor, and the current My Life In Darkness. Fiction includes stories I’ve written without prompts. Early on in the blog I would post my own recipes, but the focus of the blog changed and I stopped doing that. I had my recipe for Gumbo all ready to go but I never published it…


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