Landfall (flash fiction)

Landfall by Bob Kehl




They left the rowboats on the shoreline and then headed inland carrying chests laden with gold and jewels. Once Anne found a suitable spot she got the crew to start digging. Their last raid had been a surprisingly successful one. Anne thought it prudent they hide what they had taken for now. One day they would return for it.


Joanne Fisher

Word count: 59

This was written with the prompt seashore from Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #96.


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Kidds Treasure by Bob Kehl


5 thoughts on “Landfall (flash fiction)

  1. I know pirates weren’t a good thing but there is something empowering about a woman being able to take charge of her life and keep up, and dare I say, be better than her male counterpart at what people thought of as predominantly done by a man.

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