Darkest Day: The Christchurch Mosque Shootings


Today I’m absolutely devastated. At this point 49 people are dead from two mosque shootings in my city. My lovely city. I never thought anything like that could happen here. Not really. It feels unreal. Nine years ago my city was hit by a devastating series of earthquakes that destroyed many homes and the central city, and a lot of us here are still getting over that, and now we have to deal with this.

Our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the events of today one of New Zealand’s darkest days. A man put on body armour, walked into a mosque with a semi-automatic assault rifle and opened fire. On the other side of the city another mosque was attacked, possibly by a couple of other people, it’s unclear at the moment. And now 49 people are dead with at least another 40 severely injured.

I’ve seen reports of shootings like this occur on the news far too regularly in places like the United States, but I never dreamed it could happen here, not on this scale. The shooter posted his “manifesto” online and then live streamed the shooting. The level of the sickness of this attack is overwhelming and unbelievable.


This was a white supremacist attack on the Muslim community here. It was planned and it was racially and politically motivated. The shooter was doing it in the mistaken belief he was trying to save Western civilisation from Muslim immigrants here. He cited Donald Trump as an inspiration, and let’s be clear here I hold Donald Trump’s hate speech against Muslims to blame. His rhetoric of hatred against minorities, has now spread even to my country. Trump’s evil is poisoning the very world in front of our eyes.

Our Prime Minister has rightly called this a terrorist attack. We all thought we were safe here in our little country far away from anywhere else, but obviously we weren’t. My heart goes out to all the Muslim’s living here in Christchurch who are dealing with the loss of friends and family and also to Muslims everywhere who feel unsettled by these attacks today. It’s been a very sad and emotional day here.


19 thoughts on “Darkest Day: The Christchurch Mosque Shootings

  1. Beautifully put. It’s heartbreaking. I’m looking for ways to help from across the ditch. So if you hear of anything… and take good care of yourself, hey?

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  2. When I heard about the news, I instantly thought about you over in Christchurch. I’m glad you’re safe, but it is a terrible thing to happen. May your nation see justice done and protections given.

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      1. I haven’t been in a city with a shooting before, so I can’t relate… but it does seem like all the news is covering it, even in the States, so I bet it’s eve bigger a deal there. Best of healing to you!

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  3. Absolutely awful.
    Your words are beautiful: from the heart.
    Your prime minister is a shining example, in her response, to the leaders of UK and USA. I wish that they would take note.
    My daughter emigrated to NZ 14 years ago and lives a few miles north of Christchurch. The earthquakes were devastating enough, but this tragedy seems to have been perpetrated by a lone gunman whose heart was filled with hate. How and why people get themselves into such a dark state where they set about destroying the lives of so many families is beyond me.
    The one saving grace is that the love of the general populace is far greater than the hate of a few. Unfortunately, that hate can transform into such terrible devastation.
    Today, we have news of a single gunman on the loose in Utrecht in Netherlands.
    Christchurch and Utrecht are two peaceful cities that I have visited.
    It is hard to comprehend and is very depressing indeed.

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    1. Thanks for your words. It’s been such a big shock to all of us here. I hoped something like this could never happen here, but it did.

      Jacinda Ardern has been the leader we needed for this time. One thing that has been good in this dark time is seeing her on the world’s stage providing inspiration and hope for us all.

      I saw early news reports about Utrecht and I really hope it’s not going to be a similar situation for them.

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      1. I have been in touch with one of my friends in Utrecht. His wife works in a bank in the city centre. They are in lockdown, as are all the businesses, schools and community centres, until they capture the gunman. It looks like they have him pinned down in a nearby block of flats.

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