My Life In Darkness, part seven (fiction)



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My Life In Darkness, part seven


7. In The Dark


Astrid was briskly walking towards the car when I caught up with her. I walked with her in silence not sure what to say. It was dark outside now and it was quiet. There were no stars which meant the sky above us was now covered in cloud. The temperature had dropped. We got in the car and within moments we were driving down the road with the town behind us. Astrid was still driving us away from home, following some dark road I didn’t know. The only light coming from the headlights hitting the asphalt before us. Occasionally there were flashes of lightning which seemed to be getting nearer.

After we drove off I knew I should have gone to the bathroom, but I didn’t particularly want to go back there, not after the unpleasantness. I would just have to hope we would  return home soon, or come across a gas station or something.

“I think that storm is going to hit us.” I said breaking the silence.

“I’m sorry you had to see that Melissa. Men like that really anger me.” She finally said.

“I don’t like guys like that either, though I don’t know any cool karate moves like you do. You were so quick. You must be stronger than you look.” As I said this Astrid gave a half-smile.

“A lot of it is in timing and using their strength against them. You should probably learn how to defend yourself.” She advised.

“But when you flung him against the wall that just seemed to be your strength.” I said. Astrid just shrugged her shoulders. “Where are we going?”

“We’ll be there soon.” Astrid answered.

“I’d hate to get on your bad side.” I said half-jokingly. Astrid didn’t respond. She continued driving on into the dark. “Have you had many girlfriends?” I decided to ask her.

“I’ve had a few. My first girlfriend is the one I miss the most.” She replied after a while.

“What happened to her? How did you break-up?”

“We didn’t break-up. She was murdered.” I was totally gobsmacked by Astrid’s rather frank admission.

“Oh my god that’s terrible! Did you find out who did it?”

“It was done by a group of men, probably very much like that man in the bar.”

“Were they ever caught?” I asked.

“Yes they were caught. Eventually.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you. Something like that would destroy me.” I said.

“It did destroy me.” Just after she said that the storm hit us very dramatically. The car was buffeted by a sudden gale and it was as though we had hit a solid wall of water, like we were now some ship plowing through a dark and windy sea. Lightning flashed all around us and the thunder was loud and never ending. Though it was hard to tell if the on-going rumbling was thunder or just the wind blowing. Astrid drove on undeterred for at least another hour and by then the wind had mostly died down and it was just raining steadily now. Without any indication Astrid turned the car down a side-road. From a sign I could barely make out in the rain, it seemed to be a nature reserve of some kind. The road became gravel and looking around I could see we were driving through a forest. My abdomen was hurting as I desperately needed to pee. She drove further into the woods and then the car slowed and came to a stop.

“Hey I really need to go to the toilet. We left the bar rather abruptly. Do you know if there is a bathroom nearby?” I asked.

“There may be one, but I don’t know where it is, and do you really want to go out into that?” She gestured to the heavy rain outside.

“I may have no choice.” I said as I began fidgeting. Astrid looked around and then rummaged behind the front seat. She produced an extra-large takeaway coffee cup which still had its lid. She handed it to me.

“There you go.” She said.

“I can’t pee right in front of you!” I said indignantly. Astrid sighed as though she felt I was being stupid.

“You’re quite shy aren’t you? God forbid I should see you doing a natural bodily function. Why don’t you climb into the back seat and do it there?” she suggested.

She turned on the inside light. It was awkward but I managed to squeeze through and land on the back seat. I unzipped my jeans and pulled down my underwear. I positioned the cup, but due to my inherent shyness it took a while before I was able to pee into it, and then I had to be careful not to get any on the upholstery or my clothes as the car was still buffeted occasionally by the wind. It was a great relief. I was worried I might overfill it, but luckily there was just enough space. Once I had finished I put the lid back over the cup and pulled up my pants.

“What shall I do with it now?” I asked.

“Hand it to me and I’ll dispose of it when I get the chance.” I carefully handed the cup of warm urine over to Astrid still feeling rather embarrased. She placed it in the cup holder. I slid back over in to the front seat, careful not to knock it over.

“It’s lucky you had that. Don’t accidentally drink it.” I joked. Astrid nodded.

“Maybe I’m into that sort of thing.” She replied seriously.

“Ew, really?” Astrid laughed out loud.

“No it’s not the bodily fluid I go for.” She stated.

“And what bodily fluid do you go for?” I asked humourously. I always thought bodily fluid was a weird term. For me it always conjured up an image of some random liquid that was unpleasantly viscous. Astrid looked at me seriously.

“Well this does have something to do with what I want to talk to you about.” she revealed.

“So that’s why we’re here? To talk about bodily fluids?” I asked.

“I brought you here because I wanted to talk to you.” She stated.

“And you couldn’t just take me to a café or come round to my place?” I said sarcastically.

“No. This had to be done somewhere out of the way.”

“Ok.” I said not sounding terribly convinced, though I was beginning to feel concern. “What did you want to talk about?”

“This is something you need to know. This is something I want you to know.” She said in a serious tone, her vibrant green eyes transfixed on me.

“What?” I asked wondering what possible revelation she could make out here in the middle of nowhere. Part of me began to feel a bit frightened, like something dark and terrible was approaching, and I was in danger.

“I’m a vampire.” she said.


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