Flash Fiction Challenge #2: Track



This is my second monthly Flash Fiction Challenge. Your goal is to write a piece of fiction, poem, or an extract from a longer story that uses the world track (or tracks, tracked, tracking, etc.) in 100 words exactly. Either use it as a noun or a verb. If you do this challenge please leave a link to it in the comments or a pingback. Have fun with it 🙂




There was a figure hiding in the bushes. Aalen knew they had an arrow trained on her, just as she had one trained on them. With her heart beating loudly she slowly rose. The other figure did the same. It was a human female with long black hair.

“My name is Aalen. I’m tracking some humans who slaughtered my village.”

“My name is Ashalla. Also known as The Black Arrow. I’m hunting down this group of soldiers too.”

Though her heart was full of hate Aalen slowly lowered her bow. Ashalla did the same. They both stared at one another.


Joanne Fisher


Aalen’s story: previous episode


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