For You My Love – Terrible Poetry Contest



For You My Love


I love you so much, even with all my heart

but you can’t find any love for me at all

but with you I could still never bear to part

I’ll poison you and keep you stuffed in my hall


This was written for Chelsea Owens’s The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest. This weeks topic was Unrequited Love.

(Disclaimer: I would never actually do this… I don’t even know how to do taxidermy).


It took me a while to find a suitable image. In the end I had to do some lateral thinking. If anyone ever sees my google search history….




9 thoughts on “For You My Love – Terrible Poetry Contest

  1.     I like the alternating line rhyme, “heart–part”: fits the theme. British philosopher Jeremy Bentham did want to have himself stuffed and put on display after death. It didn’t work out too well. Apparently, when trying to work it out, the taxidermist was out to lunch. They settled for a skeleton stuffed with straw and a mummified head. Even worse, no one was engaged to write a poem. And there was no rhyme or reason for the whole affair.
        You’ve done considerably better (or is it worse) — not sure what’s appropriate in the context of this terrible contest.

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