Prelude (flash fiction)

Dark Elf Archer by Eduardo Vargas

Aalen’s story: previous episode




Aalen and Ashalla were hiding on an eminence looking down on the soldiers in the distance. Aalen’s wolf Vilja lay between them.

“Last year there was a drought and game was scarce. These soldiers came to our village demanding food. When we refused because we needed our food stocks for the winter they began killing all the hunters until we acquiesced. I came back to find my brothers had been killed. I painted my arrows black and started hunting them down.” Ashalla said.

Aalen looked down at the army. Once they set up camp, that’s when they would attack.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt eminence provided by Carrot Ranch’s March 28 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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15 thoughts on “Prelude (flash fiction)

      1. Vilja is Scandanavian (meaning ‘warrior’) and Aalen is sort of Scandanavian too. Ashalla comes from the fantasy role playing game world Glorantha, but it’s origins from that I don’t know, possibly Scandanavian too or Celtic.


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