I Won The Terrible Poetry Contest And Other News

Graphic created by D. Wallace Peach


Firstly I woke up this morning to find I had won Chelsea Owens’s Terrible Poetry Contest. I never win anything so this was a nice surprise. Thanks Chelsea ❤ Check out her blog as there’s some really good stuff there.

The Terrible Poetry Contest is quite fun so I really recommend entering it.

My winning post if you haven’t already seen it 😀


I’m planning to spend at least a couple of hours each day at the local library in an attempt to finish the first draft of my Sky-pirates story. I believe if I focus on it for about a month I should finish it.


It’s now over two weeks since the shootings in my city. On Friday I was feeling very emotional again. There was a memorial service in the park which had some very touching moments in it. There was one man who had been injured and who lost his wife in the shootings and he said he refused to hate the man who shot them. The Imam of the Linwood mosque, which was the second target of the shooter, sang a beautiful Muslim prayer. And there was a beautiful rendition of our national anthem both in Maori and English.

Yusuf Islam, also known as Cat Stevens, came to the service from across the world and sang three songs, but it was Peace Train that really resonated with everyone here. It was so great and unexpected to see him here.

Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens performing at the Christchurch Memorial Service


Later that night I was watching Coronation Street and one of the lesbian characters got killed on her wedding day due to a roof collapse. Considering what we’ve been through here it was really harrowing footage to watch and there were times I had to look away (it was a horrible slow death too). I ended up crying again, for the first time in a few days, but I was also crying due to events here.

Still I think I’m slowly getting better.


Please consider donating to: Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Fund

6 thoughts on “I Won The Terrible Poetry Contest And Other News

  1. 1. Congrats!

    2. I’m glad that they are doing things to try and help with mass healing. If you can afford it and/or NZ’s healthcare system works better than America’s, I’d consider talking with a therapist about the shock and horror. I’m not sure, but I bet it helps to talk about it now and not get PTSD or something later. I hope you continue to work with your feelings about the shooting!

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  2. Congratulations; you earned it! It’s a dubious honor, but hopefully winners feel honored. 😉

    I’m sorry about the shootings and hadn’t realized you lived so close. I wish you continued healing.

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