My Life In Darkness, part eight (fiction)



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My Life In Darkness, part eight


8. Revelations


“You’re a vampire?” I repeated. Maybe it was a joke and she was trying to scare me, or maybe she was delusional, though there was another voice I was trying to ignore screaming in the back of my head. I could feel my heart rate increasing. I looked to her for some clarity. “What do you mean you’re a vampire? Are you a lawyer or something?”

“I mean I am a vampire.” She said slowly and deliberately. I looked at her in incomprehension. She looked at me. And then her face changed. Her eyes became darker and redder. She opened her mouth and I saw her two top canines slowly grow into fangs. Terror gripped me. I screamed and desperately tried to open the car door, but it was locked. This had to be a nightmare.

“Let me out!” I screamed. Even the storm outside was preferable. Astrid just sat there looking at me.

“Melissa please calm down. I am not going to hurt you.” She said softly. By now her face had returned to normal.

“What are you?” I screamed as I squirmed as far away as I could get from her. And then some cold harsh insight came into my mind. “You fed on me last night didn’t you?” I screamed at her accusingly.

“Yes I fed on you last night.” She admitted. “Listen to me Melissa, please hear me, I am only telling you about what I am because I love you and I want you to know about me.”

“Love?” I spat back. “How could some monster like you be able to love anyone?” I screamed bitterly at her.

“You don’t know what you are talking about.” She replied in a calm voice. “Yes there are many monsters in the world, but most of them are human.”

“I know what I’m talking about! I’ve been sick and weak all day because of you. How long has this been going on? Just let me out!” I screamed out at her. Her face set to stone. She looked at me with dark pitiless eyes. She unlocked the doors.

“Okay you will get your wish. Now run little girl!” she said harshly. I swung open the door and bolted out of the car, running headlong into the storm.

The rain drenched me almost immediately, while running against the wind sapped me of all my energy before I had even got a hundred yards away from the car, but I ran on as fast as I could. I didn’t know where I was, or in what direction to go so I just ran into the storm. The rain was blinding as it fell directly into my face. All I could see were trees around me. I ran further into the forest. I tripped on a tree root and slid into some mud. I got up and went on running. I found myself sobbing at the horror of the situation, and at my misfortune. Someone takes an interest in me and it turns out they’re not even human. Just my usual rotten luck. I collapsed onto the ground trying to breathe, trying to get more air into my tired lungs and trying not to sob. I didn’t know where I was going, all I knew was that I had to get away from her, the woman who loved me, the woman who was actually a vampire. I stumbled on. My clothes were completely sodden and covered in mud by now. They were a dead weight on me as I ran. I tripped on another tree root, this time I fell down a bank into a sludgy river of mud. I tried to get up, but I was stuck. Eventually I was able to move, but not very far before I was immobile again. I was out of energy and couldn’t go on. I looked up and there above me was Astrid floating above like some dark goddess, her eyes blazing with a red light.

“You are totally in my power now. You are alone in the wilderness miles from anywhere you know, and you have no ability to put up a fight against me. If I wanted to kill you I could do it now and there is nothing you could do to stop me. Or I could just leave you here and you’ll die anyway from the elements.” She said, the wind carrying her dark words to me. I looked up at her knowing there was nothing I could do. I just stood there transfixed in the mud and waited for death, waited for her to act.. She bent towards me. “However I have no wish to kill you, or bring you to harm.” She said in her soft voice. “Take my hand and come with me if you wish to live.” She extended out her hand to me. I stared at it in indecision and to my surprise I found myself putting my hand in hers. She pulled me out of the mud and carried me away.

When we got to the car Astrid opened the doors and dumped me into the backseat. She began stripping off my sodden and muddied clothes. I noticed there was blood on them. I then saw there was a large gash on my left forearm though I didn’t feel anything. She removed my shoes and socks, then my jeans and underwear, and lastly my shirt and bra. I lay there shaking, too weak to respond. She then got a blanket out of the boot and wrapped it around me. Her fangs came out and she bit her own wrist. Blood came gushing out. She then held her bloodied wrist to my mouth.

“Drink!” she commanded. I did as I was told and consumed the blood dripping out of the bite.  I almost retched from the taste. “That’s enough.” I felt nauseous and did everything I could to keep it down. She removed her arm and went to the driver’s seat. I saw the wound on my arm begin to close up. The car started and she turned on the heater. We drove out of the park, and after that I passed out.


Astrid nudged me awake. It must have been some time later. It was still dark, but it was calm now, the storm had blown itself out. She grabbed me in her arms and carried me out of the car. We were outside what looked to be a villa. She carried me through the doorway and then up some polished wooden stairs. I was taken into a bathroom and she carefully set me on the floor. She began filling the bath with water. As it filled she removed the blanket around me and then carried me to the bath. The water was warm, but not hot. She cleaned all the mud off me and washed my hair.  Then she got me to stand up, though I was still unsteady on my feet so I ended up leaning against her as she dried me with a warm towel. After that her left arm was around me and I leaned against her as we slowly walked down the hallway and into what looked to be the main bedroom. The bed was large, probably queen-sized, and had silken white sheets and a dark blue duvet. She got me to sit on the bed as she dried my hair with a hair dryer. She went to some drawers and came back with a white nightshirt and got me to put it on. I then collapsed onto the bed. She also lay down and pulled the duvet over the both of us. I could feel her arms around me as I began to drift off. Astrid gave me soft kiss on the forehead and then on my right cheek.

“We will talk in the morning.” She whispered to me. I remembered nothing more.


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