Schrödinger’s Cornflakes (poem)


Schrödinger’s Cornflakes


in our pantry

is an unopened

box of cornflakes

that has been there

for years


we ponder whether

these cornflakes are still

fresh, or even still there

(to test this we would

just have to pick the

box up – but this is

too much effort)


perhaps we muse

they are half fresh

or half stale


but had Schrödinger

ever considered this

he would have stated

that cornflakes would

either be fresh or stale

for there is no other way

to judge the matter & substance

of cornflakes


as his cat hungrily devours

the milk he doesn’t pour on them


meanwhile the box

of cornflakes

waits undisturbed


Joanne Fisher


Erwin Schrödinger came up with the hypothetical thought experiment now called Schrödinger’s Cat to criticise quantum theory at the time. He explained you put a cat in a sealed box that contains a radioactive atom that may decay and emit a particle. If this particle is detected then a poison gas will be released killing the cat. If the atom decays the cats dies, if it doesn’t the cat lives. As the box is sealed no one knows what state the cat is in, but it is either alive or dead. Quantum theory states that atoms are half decayed and half not and according to the theory since a cat is a collection of atoms, it will either be half-alive or half-dead. Schrödinger was criticising this quantum theory with this thought experiment saying cats aren’t like that as they are either alive or dead. I decided to apply this to cornflakes…


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8 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Cornflakes (poem)

  1. A lovely work indeed.

    As for schrodinger, the people who help the cause of quantum mechanics were also against it, be it Einstein or schrodinger. Despite all these things quantum theory did go ahead to become one of the most practical and impractical theory of all times. It made excellent predictions and we are in debt for many and almost all modern inventions that changed our life. Simultaneousley, we are provided with some breathtaking ideas like quantum entanglement, loss of reality or parallel universes etc. Interestingly I read about the parallel universes not in the science books first , but in the Indian religious literature ” purana Devi bhagvatam” where the mother goddess revels that there is not single universe but multiverse and each of this universe is sustained by one creator, one sustainer and one destroyer and they all report to one mother goddess.

    As for the theory I love all schrodinger, cats and Schrodinger’s cat.

    Sorry for the long post for I couldn’t resist as both quantum mechanics and religious history is close to my heart.😊

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