Doing The Right Thing (poem)


Doing The Right Thing


she is telling me

about the problems

with her girlfriend

& all I’m thinking


how beautiful she is

summoning all my restraint

to not let my hand start

running through her


long brown hair &

slowly sliding down

her huddled back as

she smokes cigarettes


& gazes out at the garden

instead I listen & give her

advice that goes against

my own heart’s desires



Joanne Fisher


I wrote this over two years ago and I’ve pondered whether to ever publish this here, or anywhere, as it involves someone who I’ve had a lot of issues with. I decided to finally let others see this as over two years have passed now and it does feel like it’s becoming more like ancient history, and I doubt that the person involved reads my blog and will probably ever see it, and if they do hopefully they won’t care.


Please consider donating to: Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Fund.

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