Her Story (flash fiction)



Her Story


She had grown up as a boy, but never felt like she was one. Her outward form never mirrored what she felt like inside. She developed anxiety, depression, and tried to kill herself multiple times. Then one day after losing hope of ever being herself, she finally talked to a therapist about her secret. This led to hormones and testosterone blockers, and changes. Her body became more curvy, her skin softer, and her breasts grew. When she looked in a mirror now she began to see herself. For the first time her body felt like it was hers.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt gender provided by the Carrot Ranch April 18 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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10 thoughts on “Her Story (flash fiction)

  1. I’m glad you touched directly on trans issues. I didn’t know about trans, not really, until my state (North Carolina, best EVAR) pulled that HB2 bull sh*t and started punishing trans people’s bathroom choices. Even though I think people are more aware now, it’s still underrepresented!

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    1. That was a shocking piece of legislation. Often transphobia gets directed at male to female trans people, but they didn’t stop to think that big burly transmen would be forced to use women’s toilets under that law…

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  2. I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulties encountered when you grow up seeing yourself as another gender. I have always identified as a woman, which I am, but take liberties with acting like on of the boys whenever the spirit moves me.. Excellent handling of difficult subject matter, joanne.

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  3. Last fall at the local Film Festival, I watch the documentary Transformer about a former Marine and bodybuilder’s change to become a woman. Janae is gorgeous, is built like a bodybuilder and is undeniably female. Those small changes and the hair and makeup made her feel like you describe your character. And it’s all in that last line.

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