Easter Vigil (poem)


Easter Vigil


we stand in darkness at midnight

in the Southland cold

while Dad carves letters onto

the Paschal candle chanting:


Christ yesterday and today,

the beginning and the end,

Alpha and Omega;

all time belongs to him…


the congregation surrounds

him in a semi-circle

watching as the candle

is cut then lit from

our barbecue acting

as a brazier


the doors are opened

we take our places

Dad holds the candle aloft

to the altar


the ritual is entrancing:

shadows from the flickering candles

incense rising to the ceiling

the chanting…


but I’m more excited by

how many chocolate eggs

I will find outside my bedroom

in the morning


Joanne Fisher


Originally published in JAAM.


I guess for me Easter was always about the chocolate.

This is my other “Easter” poem. The other one I published here last Easter: The View From Above.

I grew up in a vicarage and I think it gives you an interesting perspective of the Church and Christian faith when you’re growing up. I ended up wandering away from religion in my teens, but I do find other people’s perspectives on faith intriguing, though I’m not a believer anymore.

Anyway I hope everyone has a good Easter break whatever your beliefs are 🙂


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