I Fixed Your Car! (flash fiction)



I Fixed Your Car!


“I’ve fixed the carburetor and the oil leak, and given the engine a tune-up.” I said. The man smiled handing over some money.

“Thanks miss. Remember to thank the mechanic for me.” He said walking to his car. I rolled my eyes.

“Hey I fixed your car!” I called out after him. He just got in his car and drove off.

I’m wearing overalls and I’m covered in grease yet still some people just think I’m a receptionist or something. What do I have to do to be taken seriously? I shook my head and went back to work.


Joanne Fisher


This is my third response to the prompt gender provided by Carrot Ranch’s April 18 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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11 thoughts on “I Fixed Your Car! (flash fiction)

  1. Very nice, Joanne. I wear a lot of pink and flowers to work and my junior staff often say how different I look from most corporate women. My reply is that it doesn’t matter what I wear, I have to prove myself on each and every engagement. I have tried wearing power suits and my treatment is the same as when I wear my flowing scarves and flowery pants, one of skepticism. So I figure I might as well enjoy the look on the men’s faces when little Miss Flowery opens her mouth and starts speaking. Grin!

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