Flash Fiction Challenge #3: Sail

The Navigator by Bob Kehl


This is my third monthly Flash Fiction Challenge. Your goal is to write a piece of fiction, poem, or an extract from a longer story that uses the world sail (or sails, sailing, etc.) in 100 words exactly. Either use it as a noun or a verb. If you do this challenge please leave a link to it in the comments or a pingback. Please have fun with it 🙂




Anne looked through her spyglass at the islands in front of her. She was hoping for a sheltered bay where they could hide for a few days. All the ships sails had been unfurled to make use of any breath of wind available. She gazed upwards at the topgallants starting to fill with a breeze. They needed to pick up speed. She could hear the ropes straining and the timbers creaking. She looked behind for signs of the English ships that were hunting them. Luckily they hadn’t been seen yet. If only they could sail to some hidden cove unobserved…


Joanne Fisher


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