My Life In Darkness, part 13 (fiction)



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My Life In Darkness


13. In The Garden 


I was in a wooden house. There was a low ceiling and the room seemed quite long. I grabbed a bucket and went outside to get some water. There was snow on the ground and I was immediately confronted with four men standing there, as though they were waiting for me. The one in front had light-brown long hair and a beard.

“Excuse me Ingirid, but we have need of your help.” he said. I looked at them as they got nearer.

“What do you need?” I asked unsure of their intentions.

Without warning they quickly approached me and grabbed me forcefully. I began to scream but one of them stuffed something in my mouth and another hastily tied my hands together behind me. They dragged me inside and while I tried to scream, no sound came out of my mouth. I was taken to the centre of the room and there they began ripping off my clothing. I tried resisting but was powerless to stop them…

I awoke and it was dark. In the blackness I could see a form approach the bed with two eyes glowing faintly. I stared at the eyes unable to move. They sat down beside me.

“Hey sweetie, why are you awake?” Astrid asked gently. I shivered.

“I had a nightmare.” I replied.

“You poor thing.” She said gently rubbing my back through the blankets. She kissed me on forehead, and then slid into the bed beside me. She wrapped her cold arms around me and kissed me on the cheek, and then the neck. “Now go back to sleep.” She whispered into my ear. I remembered nothing more.


When I awoke again it was morning. I was alone in the bed. I felt stiff and sore from the evening before. I heard piano music playing from down below. I hobbled slowly out of bed. In the shower I kept thinking about Astrid and me and the night before. I had had sex with a vampire. Multiple times.  I also thought about her and Ingirid and the dream I had. The account from Astrid about what happened to her lover was so horrifying I was at a loss to comprehend how terrible it must have been for her. I wondered if the same thing had happened to me would I have willingly been turned into a vampire to get revenge? Would I ever be willing to sacrifice my humanity? What would have to happen for me to decide to go down that path? I then pondered the dream. Did I dream it because of Astrid’s story? The dream seemed so real it was as though I was there, as though it had actually happened to me. I tried to clear it from my mind.

When I came down the stairs I could see a record was playing and Astrid sitting on the couch. I didn’t know what the music was, but she seemed so entranced by it as she listened. Her green eyes had a faraway look in them. She turned and saw me. For an instant it was like she was looking straight through me, and I felt like I was nothing, something insubstantial and unimportant. She unexpectedly smiled.

“So you’re finally up then after having those nasty nightmares yeh?”

“Yep” I replied. “I heard the music playing.”

“It’s Beethoven. One of the piano sonatas of his I quite like listening to.”

“Did you ever meet him?” I asked.

“Just because I’ve been alive a long time, it doesn’t mean I’ve met every famous person in history. So no, I never met him. From what I’ve heard he wasn’t an easy person to like, though he wrote great music.”

“Do you like modern music?” Astrid sighed when I asked her this.

“In a way it’s all modern music to me. I like jazz, but rock music not so much. Though there are some interesting contemporary composers.” She said with a smile. “Anyway you must be hungry. There is some breakfast for you in the kitchen.” She stood up, wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. She then grabbed hold of my hand and led me to the kitchen. I followed.

When I sat down at the table I was presented with a bowl of cereal. She added some fresh berries and then spooned in some plain yogurt. She also placed some fruit juice and a cup of coffee next to me.

“No bacon this time?” I asked mournfully, pouting my lips as though I was sad.

“I think it would be good if you ate something more healthy today. You can’t eat bacon all the time.” She stated.

“Gee thanks for looking out for me.” I said sarcastically.

Astrid went to the fridge and got out a blood bag and filled a cup with blood. After placing it in the microwave and waiting for the blood to warm up she watched while I ate my breakfast with little enthusiasm. At least the coffee was good.

“You need to develop more sophisticated tastes. Eating so much fried food is not good for you in the long term.” Astrid stated while watching me.

“It’s what everyone else here eats.” I replied stubbornly. Astrid just shook her head and smiled to herself.

Astrid started drinking the blood once it was warm enough. I could see her fangs were out and there was blood on her lower lip. Once she finished she went out the back door into the garden leaving me by myself. Once I had enough I got up and rinsed the dishes and put them into the dishwasher. Astrid’s cup was sitting on the bench with some congealed blood in it. I decided not to touch it and joined Astrid outside. She was sitting in a garden chair in the shade of some trees and bushes. She had dark glasses on and was reading what looked to be a very old book. I sat in a chair that was in the sun. She looked up at me briefly and then continued reading.

“Have I upset you in some way?” I asked her. She looked up at me again and put her book down on the small stone table by the chair.

“No, I just wish you looked after yourself better.”

“If I ever do upset you please let me know.” I said. She raised her eyebrows at me again.

“Believe me if I’m ever upset with you, you will know about it.” She stated coldly.

“Okay.” I knew she was right.

“Actually we do need to have a talk. I’ve decided I need to feed on you on regularly.” Astrid announced.

“Why?” I asked surprised.

“Because after I have consumed your blood it creates a psychic link between us. It helps me know where to locate you if I need to.” She informed me. “And also how you are physically. It will help me keep an eye on you.”

“Can’t you just text me if you need to know these things?” I replied. I wasn’t happy with this announcement from her.

“And you’re also going to have to be fed my blood occasionally as well.” She added ignoring my question.

“What?” I asked unbelievably.

“It’s a precaution. Just in case something unexpected happens to you.”

“A precaution? Is there something I should know? Am I in danger?” The prospect of being fed her blood on a regular basis made me feel sick. Am I danger I asked the vampire only a few feet away from me. The irony hadn’t escaped me.

“No, you’re not in any danger, but I still think it’s necessary. You have fed on my blood before, so it won’t be anything new.”

“Yes I remember. It seemed to heal the wound on my arm quickly.”

“I wasn’t sure if you remembered. You weren’t in great condition at that point. But yes, vampire blood has curative properties which is why I fed it to you then.”

“Alright.” I reluctantly agreed, though not pleased about it. I knew I didn’t really have a choice anyway.


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3 thoughts on “My Life In Darkness, part 13 (fiction)

  1. Excellent writing. I was certainly drawn in. The feeding on each other starting getting creepy. I think the character is right to feel uncomfortable with the new “suggestion.”


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