At The Mall (poem)


At The Mall


my niece is the grand display

at the Westfield food court

delighting us all

with her furtive glances

and wide open grins


it’s my birthday so

I’m being treated to lunch

and opted for Chinese

my sister and I ponder

we are getting older

I tell her


I thought by now

I would have found

a soul-mate

and now it’s getting

too late


maudlin thoughts

on your birthday


my niece smiles and giggles

saying things in gibberish

that only Carmela can



she holds her tiny hand

outstretched to us



a mostly eaten cracker

with marmite on top


Joanne Fisher


I wrote this poem a while ago but as it fits the Carrot Ranch May 9 Flash Fiction Challenge prompt for growing older I thought I would publish it here. I did have to do some re-writing so it fit the 99 word count.


Please buy me a coffee! 🙂

16 thoughts on “At The Mall (poem)

  1. I drink a coffee with you anytime. Belated happy birthday… Every day is a treasure when you get past that inadvisable ‘hill’ mark that in my opinion keeps shifting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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