My DNA Test Results and Other Stuff


The only actual Christmas present I got was a DNA kit from my brother. I had to spit into a receptacle (which I found revolting by the way) and then sent it off for testing. Unfortunately they couldn’t extract any DNA from the sample I sent (which I thought was interesting) so they sent me another one and I had to do it all over again. Yesterday I finally saw the results and found it quite surprising:



What was interesting was my brother’s had around 17% Italian and 3% Spanish, and those are totally missing from my results. My mother’s side has Italian ancestry which it seems I have no DNA from. We don’t know where the Spanish comes from either. I have more Irish DNA than my brother (he had 21%). The best my brother and myself can speculate is that I have more DNA from my father’s side (Fisher-Stedman) and my brother and, presumably my sister, have more DNA from my mother’s side (Shortridge-Esposito) as they have the same sort of body shape and look. Ancestry makes it clear that Sam and I are definitely siblings, but our DNA is surprisingly different. At least my brother’s has a wider geographical spread; all my DNA comes from a small(ish) circle. I find it all very fascinating.




And I’m 5% Viking!


Other news:

*I found on a book publishers website that they have a Friday pitch, which means you can send them a first chapter and synopsis of your book and the in-house editors will take a look at it. I’m thinking about sending them a submission to see what they say. They don’t want any fantasy or science fiction at the moment (and presumably this covers horror too) but I thought if I sent them the first chapter of my vampire novel and state it’s a novel about a lesbian relationship with supernatural elements, that might help get my foot in the door perhaps. Something to think on.

*I approached a New Zealand poetry publisher about putting together another collection of poetry and he sent a me back an email saying that while he wasn’t into publishing that much at the moment he asked me to send him five poems to look at. So now I have to decide which ones I send him…

*I also sent a submission of poems to a journal for the first time in ages a month ago. I actually prefer to publish stuff here as I get more responses to it than I ever did in publications. The trouble with sending stuff to journals, from my perspective, is that you wait a long time to get a response, and if your work is accepted then you wait another long time for it to appear in the publication, and once it appears, then that’s it. In my experience you get little to no feedback once it’s published, and I always found that unsatisfying.


Have a great weekend everyone!


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10 thoughts on “My DNA Test Results and Other Stuff

  1. I think I can explain the DNA problem. It comes down to how they calculate the ethnicity. I had my DNA tested last year and received results much like your brother’s (which I used as the basis of my St George’s Day post). The very next day I received an email from the same company saying they had ‘refined’ the result. I now received results more like yours. Why? All of a sudden I haven’t got the wide range of input. I had to dig deep into their supporting articles, but it does come down to how they calculate the ethnicity. They now have enormous databases, and so now can say that a person’s DNA best matches this area or that area, because all those people who have been tested since my first test, all carry DNA much like mine. Whereas before, the nearest carries were in Italy, Greece, Near East etc. So, I’ve gone from interesting, to much the same as everyone else.
    Hope that helps explain it.

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  2. Those DNA companies can be dangerous with the information they claim they have. If you would ever do one with my mother and her cousin it would be interesting. They are cousins who married brothers. So my aunt is also my cousin.


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