Cyborg Your Future! (flash fiction)

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

Cyborg Your Future!


Lisa kept seeing the ads on her datascreen and animated on the sides of buildings with the slogan: “CYBORG YOUR FUTURE!”. At first she ignored it. It was some (presumably) hot male advertising some new cybernetic technology, but as she was a lesbian the image held no interest for her at all, and so each time she saw it she quickly put it out of her mind. Or so she thought. She kept finding herself thinking about cybernetics. It was, after all, the current fad at the moment. Everyone now seemed to be having body parts removed and replaced with cybernetic implants. She had never seriously thought about doing it herself, until these ads managed to worm their way into her subconscious.

Apparently you could hook up brain interfaces with each other so you could experience what the other person was feeling. People were now doing this during sex so they could each experience the other person’s orgasms, as well as their own. This was becoming known as having a “double-orgasm”. Lisa had been told it was quite mind blowing and not being able to experience it herself made her feel like she was missing out on something. Then there was having a robotic arm attached which gave you a lot more strength or having your eyes replaced with ones that could zoom in, take pictures, record a moment, or even see in different wavelengths.

Originally all this technology was created to help people with actual problems, such as with their sight or hearing, or with spinal injuries, but once the technology got out there, people with no real physical problems began adopting it for themselves to enhance their own bodies. Within a short time people began having perfectly working body parts lopped off for cybernetic replacements. At first doctors didn’t want to perform these sort of operations, but once it began happening in backstreet “clinics” and people began throwing around awfully huge amounts of money to have cybernetic enhancements, many “cybernetic surgeons” began appearing virtually overnight and then it all began to snowball. These days if you were young and reasonably well off you were expected to have at least a few cybernetic implants. As time wore on the implants got more sophisticated and updating them had now became a regular occurrence. Why have an eye that can zoom and record when you can get a new upgrade that can allow you to also see in twenty three different shades of purple, or any other colour for that matter?

Lisa stood outside the clinic entrance. She had booked an appointment and was now just waiting outside wondering if she really wanted to go through with this. Once she had something removed that was it, they would be unable to reattach her arm, or hand, or eye. She would be stuck with the implant. And what if she didn’t like it? This was a decision that would affect her for the rest of her life. She had to think carefully about it. She continued standing outside unable to make up her mind.



This was written for D. Wallace Peach’s May Speculative Fiction Prompt.


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12 thoughts on “Cyborg Your Future! (flash fiction)

  1. Cool story, Joanne! I can definitely see a fad of cybernetic implants developing in the future. It’s amazing what humans will do to their bodies for the sake of “fashion.” A cognitive link would be really interesting on a whole lot of levels. I really liked that you left Lisa’s decision unmade at the end of the story. Great choice. Thanks so much for taking up the prompt! I’ll reblog tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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  2. Weirdly, I think this story has a lot of analogies for transitioning. What if you get a surgery or hormones and don’t like it (even though you’re ‘supposed’ to like it)? Are you any less you just because you don’t take the irreversible step?

    Perhaps I’m wrong, though.

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