It Was Only After… (flash fiction)


It Was Only After…


It was only after the sea ice disappeared from the polar regions. It was only after the ice sheets collapsed into the sea creating mega-tsunamis that wiped out coastlines.  It was only after the permafrost melted releasing ancient viruses killing millions. It was only after violent storms appeared on a scale never seen before. It was only after the oceans died.

It was only after all this that the people who thought it was all a hoax or simply thought it would never affect them realised that something needed to be done.

But by then it was too late.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt to write a story without ice provided by the Carrot Ranch May 23 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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15 thoughts on “It Was Only After… (flash fiction)

  1. It was only after the non-believers were long dead, their ancient corpses forgotten under the sands of time… sometimes I wish the young could have more power, but then I realize why things don’t work that way.

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  2. I so agree with your answer to H.H.R. It’s all about the rich. For instance: “On the campaign trail, Donald Trump was clear about where he stood on energy and climate change. He labeled climate change science a “hoax”, at one point suggesting that it’s a plot of the Chinese to undermine the US economy. He also said, if elected, that he would scrap President Obama’s greenhouse gas policies, the Paris Agreement and gut the US Environmental Protection Agency.”

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