Big Splash (flash fiction)


Big Splash


Esther took pride in her swimming. She could move through the water like a torpedo. She reckoned no one was faster than her as she swam through the warm waters building up speed.

Her long dark hair trailed behind her as she sped upwards. She broke through the surface leaping into the air and then diving back under with a big splash.  As she plummeted downwards she turned around again and built up speed once more.

Breaking through the surface a second time her silver fish tail gleamed in the sunlight before she disappeared under the water again.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt big splash provided by the Carrot Ranch June 4 Flash Fiction Challenge.


Dang it was hard to find an image with the only the front half of the swimmer visible…


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21 thoughts on “Big Splash (flash fiction)

  1. If it were my story she would have got the shock of her life when she saw a shark outrunning her and her fishtail gleaming in one last time before she disappeared in the mouth of the shark.🙃

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