Gates of the City (flash fiction)


Gates of the City


“What are your names?” The sentry asked.

“My name is Ashalla of Woodhall.”

“My name is Aalen Liadon.”

As soon as she spoke the sentry looked her.

“Please remove your hood miss.” He ordered.

Aalen complied revealing her long golden hair and bright green eyes.

“You’re one of the forest folk.” The sentry stated. “And presumably the wolf is yours?” Vilja stood there with his tongue hanging out.

“He’s my companion. He’s good-natured and won’t harm anyone unless provoked.”

“Okay.” The sentry said. He waved them through.

As Vilja bounded through the narrow streets many small hands patted him.


Joanne Fisher


Aalen’s story: previous episode


This was written with the prompt many hands provided by the Carrot Ranch June 13 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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11 thoughts on “Gates of the City (flash fiction)

  1. I appreciate getting a glimpse of Aalen this way as she reveals herself to the sentry. We’ve come to know her through her actions. I also like the small hands reaching out to the wolf, indicating his gentleness (unless provoked, of course).

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