CCC#32 Lauren’s New Place (flash fiction)


Lauren’s New Place


Lauren thought the abandoned water tower on the edge of town suited her needs. She arranged for a lawyer to purchase it on her behalf and then moved in. It was just her coffin and a few other personal effects, so she didn’t need all that much space.

Every early evening when she awoke she would find her letterbox stuffed full of junk mail. For some reason Lauren was rather irritated by this and it started to ruin the enjoyment of her new place. So one evening she glided into town and bought a No Junk Mail sticker. Once she got back home she stuck it to her letterbox. When she awoke the following evening she was pleased to find the letterbox was empty.

Lauren resumed her happy new life in the water tower: sleeping all day, draining random townspeople of their blood by night. All was good.


Joanne Fisher


word count: 148


This was written with the photo prompt provided by Crimson’s Creative Challenge #32.


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