Flash Fiction Challenge #5: Magic

Fire Breath by Caio Monteiro


It’s time for the monthly Jedigirl Flash Fiction Challenge. Sadly last months didn’t get a response, but I’m pressing on regardless. What is magic? Things can be magic like experiences or relationships we have with people. Magic spells can create or destroy, bewitch or befuddle, protect or make vulnerable. Magic can save us from the mundane, give us new insights, and strip away the veneer of illusion or create them. It can transport us to new worlds or let us see our own one in a new way.

Write a story, a poem, or a piece of fiction using the prompt magic (or magical, magician, etc.) in 100 words exactly. Please either post a link or a pingback to your work in the comments.Β  And please have fun with it πŸ™‚

My attempt:



Bronwyn stood her ground as the dragon rose up before her. Without warning it breathed a torrent of furnace-hot fire onto her. Luckily the magic spells cast on her for protection were holding. All she had to do now was get in closer and then only have to contend with the dragon’s razor sharp teeth, adamantine claws, and a long tail that could send her flying. Of course it could also then decide to use it’s wings and fly high above her breathing more flames on her again. Fighting dragons wasn’t an easy task, but Bronwyn always liked a challenge.


Joanne Fisher


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