Lost In Translation (flash fiction)




Lost In Translation


“So why did you get this?” Asked Alex looking down at the kit-set furniture that Kim had bought.

“It was cheap.” Kim admitted.

“It was cheap because it’s rubbish. Look at the terrible quality!” Alex complained.

They needed some bedroom furniture and chairs for their new place and Kim had come back with this. Alex felt disappointed and rather annoyed.

“Well maybe next time you go out and buy what we need!” Kim responded.

“I think maybe I will.” Alex looked at the instruction book.”What does this even mean: Make whole wooden frame with centre block?” Alex stared at the badly drawn graphics that accompanied the instructions uncomprehendingly.

“Yes it’s a bad translation.” Kim conceded.


Joanne Fisher


Word count: 115


This was written with the prompt translation provided by Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #111.


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6 thoughts on “Lost In Translation (flash fiction)

  1. Kim and Alex are fine genderless names. I used “Kim” for the president in my Moosehead novel and never mention the gender of the president. It started because I couldn’t decide… but then it was just for the fun of it…

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