New Paint (flash fiction)



New Paint


“Has he gone colour blind?” My aunt asked.

We had just pulled up at my dad’s house and seen the new paint job. His entire house was now a rather shocking turquoise colour. A colour I had never liked. Still it had always been his favourite, and I wondered why.

I was now living in Christchurch so it had been a few months since I had seen the house, and now the entire family was coming here for Christmas. They ended up being as mortified as we were.

Dad was his usual self and dismissed our opinions with kindness.


Joanne Fisher


This was written with the prompt paint provided by the Carrot Ranch June 27 Flash Fiction Challenge.


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22 thoughts on “New Paint (flash fiction)

  1. My dad’s house needed painting years ago and there was a lot of discussion about the colour. Dad solved the problem by going out and buying the colour he wanted. Problem solved!

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  2. Sounds a sound bloke. But why does he like that colour? Has he ever said? Could it be a deterrent to insects? Back in the 1970s (though it might have been early 1980s) we had a massive aphid infestation. The following year, the ladybirds swarmed (fed on last years aphids; they’re a natural predator). We all love ladybirds, but they were everywhere. Except on my dresses. And all my dresses were of a bright turquoise colour.

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  3. A little darker shade of turquoise used to be the preferred color for inside walls of the house in my grandmother home! So this color for me evokes nostalgia and warmth 🙂
    Lovely story.

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