The Trail (flash fiction)


The Trail


Susie had told everyone she was going on a hike for a few days, but in reality she was going for an abortion. A short time ago she had been raped, and if that wasn’t traumatic enough she found out later she was carrying the rapist’s child. The laws of the state she lived in were very clear: she was expected to carry the child to full-term and the rapist would even have a say over the child’s future, including having visitation rights.

When Susie discovered she was pregnant she told no one. This wasn’t because she didn’t want anyone to know: in fact she desperately needed to talk about it with her parents and some of her friends, but to let them know of the pregnancy would mean they too would be implicated, and she couldn’t do that to them. If the Pro-lifers discovered she had an abortion she would be executed, and her friends and family that knew about it would be facing prison time. She couldn’t go to another State to have the abortion done there as she would be arrested the minute she returned home. So she decided to tell no one of the pregnancy, or her decision to have the fetus aborted. She felt she had been left with no choice, but to take care of it herself.

She went into the country and down a long path where she knew an old woman lived who would help her. She didn’t know how safe it would be, and she was terrified and alone. She hoped everything would be okay.


Joanne Fisher



This was originally written for a picture prompt but ended up being too long.

I don’t like getting political here as I regard WordPress as my creative space and the day to day political realities of the world out there is not usually something I want to bore the reader with, but this is an issue I do feel passionate about. Ultimately the State can outlaw abortions, but they will still happen; it just means the women will have abortions in unsafe conditions, or try to do it themselves.

I based the laws in Susie’s State on recent legislation passed in Georgia and Alabama. While neither of them have the death penalty for abortions (instead they have long prison times), apparently Texas has legislation being proposed that does.

A couple of years ago this scenario would have been considered far-fetched, but is now virtually a reality.

I don’t live in the United States (and I’m really glad I don’t), but in my opinion the news coming out of there seems to be getting crazier by the day…


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7 thoughts on “The Trail (flash fiction)

  1. Oooh, as the American in the room, I have a lot of feelings on the complex problems that have led to these laws. I think I tend pro-life, but not to the point of rape, incest, health, or something like that. The laws coming through right now are being done because of the perception of where the courts stand and the massive, massive lead the Republicans have in state legislatures. When states have legislative leads that are artificial, like they have in Texas or North Carolina (or, to some extent the other way, California), they tend to do more extreme laws like the abortion laws you’ve pointed out.

    I hope things become more reasonable in the future, because bullshit political power shouldn’t come over the safety and livelihood of humans.

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