Flash Fiction Challenge #6: The Story So Far…

Containing Chaos by Michael Lang


Thanks to everyone who responded to last months challenge.

And now for something completely different… Ever read a synopsis of an ongoing serialised story and it’s the most convoluted mess you’ve ever read? There are either too many characters or too many dangling plot threads, or a completely nonsensical plot, if it even has one. This month’s challenge is to write an over the top Story So Far in 300 words or less. Be as weird and wacky as you want to be. New readers who have just come to your story and are reading the synopsis to find out what it is all about should be left thoroughly confused or thinking OMG what the hell?

The only real requirement is somewhere there has to be a duck in it.

As always provide a link to what you write in the comments or via a pingback.

And have some serious demented fun with this.

My attempt:


The Duck Of Chaos – The Story So Far…


Dr Tulip’s experiments into gravitational fields results in her favourite lawn furniture being eaten by a dimensional shambler who leaves a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum in the middle of her bathroom. She is left wondering how she’s going to clean it now. Meanwhile Jill and Philip have an encounter with the same time-traveling duck. Both of them come to suspect that the duck is the one responsible for the quantum tangling of the once observable universe and the teleportation of the entire town of Ashburton thirty kilometres to the west. After a satellite crashes into Stuart’s house he suddenly develops superpowers that allow him to telepathically summon aphids. He sets off with his grand aphid army to conquer the world but accidentally runs into Denise who unexpectedly bites his head off and assumes control of his army and who then promptly sends them off to annoy her ex-boyfriend Dennis and his new partner, an old hardened lump of cheese that has somehow gained sentience and now calls itself Brian. Meanwhile Sandy somehow inexplicably finds herself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after walking down the road to get her prescription from the local chemist. She is saved from drowning by a friendly seal who has developed a close friendship with a narwhal and a penguin who has lost it’s way. They all swim to safety while attempting to sing jolly sea shanties. While they are doing this Dr Entropy comes to realise all the latest disturbances are being caused by the Universe simultaneously collapsing in on itself and growing exponentially outwards. He prescribes himself two aspirin and has a lie down. Dr Tulip finally fills up a bucket of hot soapy water and enters the bathroom only to find a duck sitting in her washbasin…


I want to write that story now…


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8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge #6: The Story So Far…

  1. “Duck!!” Bryan slowly turned his head toward the source of the sound. “DUCK!” someone else screamed from over … about there, Bryan thought. He pointed his teeny hands toward the sounds, smiled at the still unidentified source and said, “Why should I…” At that point, Bryan’s face was slapped by a cold, wet fish. He fell to his knees on the rickety raft. Bryan’s brain tried to riddle out where the fish had come from. Before he could follow that train of thought past the first synapse, he heard a loud WHAP! and another fish, somewhat larger had knocked one of his two companions into the sea. The sharks were upon him cartoonishly fast, monstrously fast. WHAP! Another fish whomped into Bryan and he nearly went over. “What the hell!” he yelled at the giant yellow sun overhead. He had no recollection of how he had come to be alone on a small, unstable raft that the waves tossed amid shark-infested waters.

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