A Brief Respite (flash fiction)


Tavern by Anna Helme



A Brief Respite


Aalen and Ashalla stayed in a cheap inn. They both sat on the bed together while Vilja curled up on the floor. Ashalla had brought back some bread after scoping out The Baron’s keep a further time.

“If only I had got some cheese.” Ashalla said as she chewed on the bread.

“Wait a moment.” Aalen said as she produced a vial from her belongings. “When the fruit in the forest ripens my people make this.” Ashalla spread its contents on her bread.

“It’s wonderfully sweet jam.” Ashalla said.


“That’s what we call it.” Ashalla told her.


Joanne Fisher


Aalen’s story: previous episode


It’s been almost two months since I last wrote a story about Aalen and Ashalla.


This was written with the prompt sweet jam provided by Carrot Ranch’s August 15 Flash Fiction Challenge.

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