Deja Vu – Terrible Poetry Competition

Beach Physical Simulation by Sally Im

Déjà Vu


It’s like I’ve been here before

all the beaches I’m at, all seem the same

they all have sand and rocks and water

and bathers slowly roasting themselves in the sun

and then there are the hotels –

all offering services and rooms that all

look the same no matter where you go

and all the people are the same too

I’m not actually saying they are literally all the same people

but that they are all the same types of people, that’s

what I’m getting at

I don’t mean to sound neurotic

but sometimes I wonder if I’m in a simulation


Joanne Fisher


This was written for Chelsea Owens’s Terrible Poetry Competition #39. The topic was vacations and as if you were writing a postcard to someone you know about the vacation you’re having.


I sometimes feel I’m unlearning years of craft in order to write these *sigh*


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©2019 Joanne Fisher

4 thoughts on “Deja Vu – Terrible Poetry Competition

  1. You think that you are in the simulation because you have been unplugged quite a few times due to power outage. This leads you to hallucinations that all are same and you tend to question your own existence. The feeling of deja vu is just a side effect. You don’t have to worry you are not in the simulation.

    – agent smith

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